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Boss Battle: Katakara Chaingunner

This miniboss will appear throughout the game so let this be a tutorial of sorts. The Bear is Chaingunner's Achilles' Heel. Use The Bear to stop him from firing temporarily and then dash around the back of the massive gunner to attack his back. You should be able to get in several Guillotines before he recovers. Immediately activate The Bear again and repeat the process until you get a finisher prompt. The finisher must be activated from the enemy's rear as well. Kill him to finish the "Welcoming Committee" mission.

Boss Battle: Okaji

This baby-faced boss is quite easy if you have The Reaper -- an armor-busting move that works wonders on this armor-clad foe. Just keep executing this move (dash away, then swing the Wii Remote from right to left). Your Sidewinder is also great for chipping away the armor piece by piece. After hitting Okaji a bit with The Reaper he'll have shed his armor almost entirely. In a cutscene he'll recover this armor and you'll have to repeat the process all over again. Knock him down again and you'll be free to move on. His body will mysteriously remain...

Boss Battle: Okaji Round II

This battle plays out similarly to the first time you fought Okaji. His armor repairs itself, but only after you do a good deal of damage. The key to this fight is the Sidewinder rifle -- especially equipped with Explosive Shells. Strafe Okaji in a wide circle and shoot him in the head repeatedly to keep him from attack and deal a huge amount of damage. This battle can be won entirely by strafing and firing at his head. You'll need to dodge quickly away when he leaps into the air to dodge his ground-pounding attack. Quickly switch to your revolver and use The Cobra to take out the drones if they get out of hand -- and to save Sidewinder ammo for the boss. It takes about 30 well-placed rifle shots to take down Okaji a second time.

Boss Battle: Shinjiro

The final encounter is a difficult one -- unless you know IGNGuides' patented "10 Second Shinjiro Strategy." Actually, you could easily shave 5 additional seconds off our time. The simple truth of this battle is that your Sidewinder rifle is incredibly over-powered, and with only four or five well-placed shots you can bring Shinjiro to his knees. The Tiger counter attack will stun Shinjiro long enough to allow for several shots from the Sidewinder. As he recoils from The Tiger, make sure to aim right for his head. Pull the trigger as fast as you can while aiming carefully and his life bar will plummet. Hit him enough times and he'll fall to the ground stunned. Hit him while he's down to end the battle -- and the game! If you don't get in enough shots, just wait for him to attack again and repeat The Tiger and your shots. Congratulations, your quest for revenge has come to a close!

Easy Money

As soon as you learn "The Dragon" (in Rattlesnake Canyon) your money troubles are over. Kill all but one enemy in a pack. Use The Dragon to slam him against a wall for 500 dollars -- you can repeat this for essentially infinite cash.

Tiger Training in Chapter 3

The Tiger is a counter attack that does two things: it stops an attack and repels an enemy stunning or damaging him. You need to hold A to defend and then activate The Tiger by shaking the Wii Remote AND Nunchuk forward. Timing is important -- when the enemy winds up for a hit, watch for a red flash and activate the tiger at that moment. Your sword will appear in front of you in a defensive pose. You can now purchase the Johnnygun (machine gun) and upgrade your weapons at the pile of guns in the corner of the U.S. Marshall's office. Approach the board to receive new missions.

Easily Defeat Boss: Guan Dao Ninja in Chapter 4

This is less of a boss and more of an introduction to a new, common enemy. The HUan Dao Ninja has a serious weakness: Use the Matador to slide around the Ninja and attack his back to take him out rather quickly. His spinning spear attacks can easily be sidestepped.

Cobra Training in Chapter 5

Enter the Sheriff's Office and travel out into the yard to learn The Cobra. The Cobra is your most powerful move and can be used to easily take out clumps of powerful enemies before they even have time to react. Hold the trigger and "paint" your aiming reticule over up to four victims and then let go of the trigger to hit them with a shower of bullets. You can also buy the maximum upgrades for each of your guns now. You should be rolling in cash, but if you are low, there's much more to come in this area. We highly recommend the Explosive Shots for the Sidewinder rifle. Approach the bulletin board to get some more missions.

Boss Battle: Payne

Payne is less of a pain than his name implies. The same technique you've been using on the Heavy Jackals applies here. Holster your gun and stick with the sword. Dash around Payne to avoid his attack and score heavy sword slashes on his back. Soon a cutscene will occur and he'll call for backup. There's not much more to this fight so ignore the other enemies and go for Payne -- if you take him out the fight is over! If Payne leaps in the air, get ready to parry him on the way down. You can parry his heavy (red tinted) attacks and follow them with immediate counterstrikes.

Boss Battle: Shinjiro

Shinjiro has a strong offensive repertoire that will drain your life bar alarmingly fast if you aren't constantly on guard. He'll usually fire at you or through a fireball at the outset of the match. Dash to the side to avoid this and then move in with your sword raised in a defensive posture (hold A). The Tiger counter attack (A + Jab NUNCHUK, WII REMOTE forward) will ultimately tilt this battle in your favor. You'll need to time your counters well to catch Shinjiro -- he has a wide variety of attacks, so it may take a while to settle into the proper timing. Generally he'll move in with a quick sword attack which you can counter with The Tiger. Immediately slash him two or three times. He'll then dash at you. Dash sideways after your last slash to avoid him. At this point you can usually catch him with an attack to his exposed back. Dashing around Shinjiro and attacking his back is a great complimentary move to The Tiger -- and if you pull off The Matador (Dash + Horizontal Swipe with WII REMOTE) then you'll do more damage and get some cash out of it. Return to defensive posture if you get too far away and try to catch Shinjiro with The Tiger to begin the cycle anew. About 10 successful Sword Skill attacks will bring him down for good.