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a sweet original game

posted by chipyg (SALEM, CT) Aug 15, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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Red faction is one of those games that is a good game but sadly nobody knows about. this game is an excellent FPS with a wide variety of weapons to choose from such as the 1 hit rail gun to the W.A.S.P. rocket launcher.
This game is about a man named parker who takes a trip to the mining facility on Mars to take some time away from all the stress. Soon he comes to find that the comforting mining facility is actually a decheveled trash pit with horrible working and living conditions. A orginization called the Red Faction tries to form a revolution against the head hancho Ultor.
One of the biggest things i hated about this game is that not only are there no cut scenes but there is practically no inter action with other characters at all, except with medical doctors. A cool thing about this game is that there is a great use of vehicals from the big battlesuits, to the submarine, to even the flying tank.
Another problem with this game is that it has weak AI. When you are charging and being accurate the enemy wilol start running around so you can pick him off easily. THERE ARE TO MANY LOADING SCREENS!!!!! There is a loading screen popping up every 5 minutes and it gets really annoying.
Overall this is a good original game for the PS2 but it has a lot of little mistakes.

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One Of The Best

posted by TamedAnimals (ENGLEWOOD, CO) Jun 5, 2013

Member since May 2013

People don't give this game enough credit. Not only was Red Faction revolutionary in terms of it's physics system (destructible environments), but it offered a story and vibe that few if any (other than maybe the Half-Life series) fps exhibit. The story was great, the gameplay was smooth and the multiplayer (pre-internet play days) was way fun. One of my favorite games of all time.

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posted by Psycho1224 (CANTON, GA) Feb 8, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

I played this game when i Was alot younger and it was my favorite shooter at the time. It doesnt have good graphics, WELL THATS BECAUSE ITS ON PS2. What do you expect ps2 games are meant for fun not graphics and this game was made along time ago, dont expect it to be a Call of Duty. I like how the environment is destructible and how fun the levels are, story is short and lots of loading but its fun playing the campaign and playing against bots, you can even get a rifle that shoots through walls I like this game alot

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