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GF Rating

Very Good

Good solid gameplay with few annoyances...

posted by thedepth (TWIN LAKE, MI) Jun 3, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

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Overall this is a very fun game to play. Pretty much everything in the entire game world is destructible. You could spend hours just running around blowing everything up if thats your thing. The story is a bit predictable but overall not to shabby.

There are a few annoyances however, the destroyable objects for example can take a wrong turn on the way down and crush you killing you instantly, this isnt to bad however since the "save" system is pretty merciful spawning you back at your closest safe house.

The missions in the game are very well made and the environments are each unique and give a much needed new flavor in the pacing of the game and the story. The AI is also extremely impressive, your enemies will dodge, run, jump, smack, get on turrets, get in cars, etc... but whats even more impressive is how your "allies" respond when you begin fighting they will arrive to assist you during a firefight or when your on a mission.

Rather not give to much away about it but its safe to say the world really feels "real" in terms of you fighting a war against a tyrant organization and others joining the good fight to help you liberate Mars.

Sadly though as is often the case with all sandbox games it becomes very old. The difficulty of the game can ramp up considerably fast if you tend to go on a destruction rampage, leaving you with quite literally an entire map full of enemies to deal with. Which may not seem so bad to most (I rather enjoyed being chased around the map) but to some it may pose a problem.

In terms of the type of game it is I would say its probably one of the finest ive played in a very long time. It does suffer a bit from some of the cliches of the games of its type but it more then makes up for it with its unique environments, destructible everything and wonderful AI both for your enemies and your allies.

I would fully recommend this to anyone as it will put a smile on your face and maybe even a few rage induced frowns.

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GF Rating


The best there is!

posted by Mr_and_Mrs_V (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jun 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

EASILY the best game for xbox live. The single play is technically sound and beautifully destructive. The multiplayer will blow your mind!!! It is THE MOST underrated game out there. In multiplayer, if you stand still you basically die. It's amazing! Yes there are pros who play this game, but anyone can pick it up and easily lead their team to victory. The maps and teams for the most part are random. You can only cheat for the first minute or two, because every weapon and backpack have a counter attack! Not your typical shooter game at all, you will spend hours playing. The ranking system matches your skill and how many hours you have put in, but all weapons and packs are available to every rank. A definite must-have. =)

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GF Rating

Very Good

I wept when I sent this back.

posted by rezonation (WARREN, OH) Dec 14, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

40 out of 44 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

This title almost consumed me. The storyline was slightly cheesy, but the physics engine was borderline orgasmic. It's the gift that just kept on giving.

Multiplayer was amazing. If you can't shoot the guy, blow up the guy, or charge at the guy with the force of a rhino and launch him off the edge, you can take a freakin' sledgehammer and bash his head in. And that sledgehammer's got unlockable varients, bro - you can whack em with anything from a paddle to an ostrich. Yeah, a bird.

Personally I almost wept when I sent this title back. I had FINALLY found a game of which I was actually good at the multiplayer. But I just didn't have enough mulah to press the "Keep" button.

As with every other game, rent it before you buy it. But aside from a few glitches and frustrating missions, this was a must-have for me.

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