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I tried.

posted by Eldavo (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA) Feb 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

You are [guy]. You are fighting [authority]. They are bad because they are. Commit genocide in an orange-brown environment.

Writing those words, I put more effort into the game than THQ did during the entire production cycle. The voice actors were always one step up from showing open contempt for their roles in the game. The word "Guerrilla" is on it only because somebody heard that it was a word that the target demographic responded to, but nobody bothered to look it up. I'm stopping this review here because talking about this game at all is giving it more credit than it deserves.

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GF Rating

Very Good

some flaws but still good

posted by skaterfreak8771 (LAKEWOOD, CA) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

pretty good game not without some flaws but pretty good the story isn't the best but is still good the objective of the game is simple wreck everything! the game rewards you for destroying things so get used to it salvage allows you to buy upgrades and stuff but expect to be running out of ammo alot for most of the weapons the gunplay is well done the driving on the other hand is not and is extremely annoying vehicles are loose and tip over very easily the driving missions are by far the most annoying missions of the game another thing i didn't like was the lack of backpacks like the tremor and the cloak in the single player those are only available in multiplayer the single player only has one backpack a jetpack i guess its the best one but to only include the other ones in multiplayer is really weird the towns in the game have opportunities for salvaging but theres not very many towns considering its an open world game that seems like something that should have been in there overall its a good game but dont expect it to be perfect rent but dont buy as it doesn't last for more than 16 hours

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GF Rating


Tedious at times, but truly rewarding.

posted by Juke (TAMPA, FL) Sep 18, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Red Faction: Guerilla is the third in the serious Main Title. The "Red Faction" is always a band of rebels on Mars, (though not the same ones) fighting for the planet they have come to, in an effort to leave a socially dying Earth. With out spoiling the older games, The Red Faction standard is taken up once again, after the last fight drove a megalo-corporation (Ultor) off Mars with the help of the Earth Defense Force. As time progressed however, it became clear that the EDF was there to ensure that Earth was defended from Mars, and not the other way around. They become tyranical and began putting the new Martians in thier own red dirt.

As the Red Faction gears up to take the fight to the EDF, Alex Mason arrives on Mars, looking for a job as a demolitions expert. He doesn't want to lead a war, or to revolutionize a planet. But his brother does. Upon completion of demolitions training, Alex' brother is gunned down by an EDF gunship and Alex is attacked, the Red Faction Saves him.Like it not, he's in. And angry.

The game features an advanced (for its time) physics engine that allows realistic destrction of most any building, from using hammers to rockets, to even your truck, during the course you'll find a weapons that literally eats matter, allow precise shots from bullets filled with this stuff to take down skyscrapers. Sneaking will do you no good. You're a mercenary. Get in do what you can, get out. Don't be afraid of running from a fight. Guerilla is all about coming back.

Red Faction is a terribly fun game with pleasant graphics, challenging difficulty, and a powerful ending. Highly reccommmended. Only one thing drags this game down, and that would be shear difficultly of some missions.

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