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GF Rating

Above Average

Great in the beginning - Frustrating later on

posted by Shanghai (CLEMMONS, NC) Aug 19, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

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First, this game has some very addictive qualities to it. The destruction, and some of the weapons. However, as many people have said, this is a hard game.

The difficulty of this game is artificial because it relies on the old "spawn in more enemies until your dead" syndrome. Once you raise your alert status above yellow, the game constantly spawns in enemy reinforcements from all sides. And as you're forced to defend yourself, your alert status just goes to the next level. Volition just did not provide a clear cut way to reduce your alert level, and typically it meant dying and returning to a safehouse.

Although a lot of weapons are fun, some just seem to be way underpowered, especially considering their unavailability or low ammo counts. The singularity bombs just don't do the damage you'd expect, and the M.O.A.B's (mother of all bombs) are no more powerful than a rocket launcher you get later in the game. Considering the rarity of these items, I just expected more.

I also experienced bugs with some of the weapons, in particularly the proximity mines (AI walk right over them without setting them off).

The early part of the game is no doubt the most fun. However, expect a pretty high level of frustration and repetitive gameplay later on. I actually found myself avoiding doing a lot of the side missions just because they didn't vary from previous missions and they didn't result in any real gains (such as salvage or new weapons).

Although difficult, the game can be completed, but for the most part I just found myself just glad to be done with it. This game had a lot of potential, and is still a fun romp, but so many things could have been done better which would have kept me playing it well after the story was complete.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) Jun 30, 2009

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13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

This was a quality game with lots of different things to do. Even so, the length is a little on the short side. Way shorter than GTA 4. Its an open environment shooter that follows a loose storyline. You are a guerilla fighting with the red faction to free Mars. The series has evolved quite a bit and in this one, most things are destructable. This is one of the better games of 2009.

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GF Rating



posted by JGrizzle (ZEBULON, NC) Aug 22, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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I don't say this lightly: Red Faction is the most enjoyable game I have ever played. I loved all the vehicles, the weapons, the combat, and especially wreaking havoc anywhere and everywhere, especially when it was least expected.

Two things that I hope are addressed if there is a sequel:
1) Control over the other guerrillas that are helping you. They just charge in to combat, even when you might want to survey the situation first, or order them to flank or something else. Also, you can't order them to retreat. They will just stay there until they die, or until you leave, and if you get in a vehicle to flee the scene, they won't get in with you. When they are killed because they couldn't get away, it detracts from your control rating.

2) I understand that during the story part of the game, it makes sense to limit the number of weapons you can carry- makes you use 'strategery' and choose your weapons carefully. After you have beaten the game, though, I wish it would let you carry as many weapons as you want.

Still, Red Faction was FUN. That's what I'm after, and it delivered big-time. I give it the highest rating.

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