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not good

posted by xizorhutt (ELLENWOOD, GA) Jun 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

this game is not that good in any catagory

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Although Fun, Armageddon Feels Incomplete

posted by Sherman24 (SALEM, OH) Jun 10, 2011

Member since Dec 2008

Upon picking up and playing Armageddon through the first couple hours, something just didn't feel right. Even though the gameplay was fun and addicting, destruction especially, most of the game feels like it was rushed or underdeveloped.

Straight off that bat, I can tell you that Darius as a character is about as bland and predictable as a potato; the only emotion he showed other than quirky sarcasm was brought out towards the very end of the game, and even then the reason for it was anti-climactic. I'll give you a hint: VERY short love story. At least in Guerrilla Alex Mason had some real motivation behind what he was doing. It felt like the only thing keeping Darius going is the road signs along the cave systems. The cutscenes seem to suffer as well, most of them lasted for what seemed like an instant... offering little detail.

Armageddon does do very well in the fun department. It was often that I would find myself pounding away at a building for no particular reason at all, either than basking in the joy of bringing it down. The guns supplied to you are interesting enough as well. The singularity cannon was my favorite, and if you play, you'll see why. As far as online play goes, I messed around in Infestation mode for a short while. Nothing too interesting there, to be honest.

Appearance wise, the only real things I could point out are the rather colorful explosion palette Volition chose to work with and the patchy frame rate. Sometimes the game will seem to run at near 40 frames a second, and others at 25 or so. Don't get me wrong, the game does look nice, but it's not the main selling point by any means. However, if you like the ever-constant shroud of cave walls, this is the game for you. Although the game's plot did not allow for much landscape variety, it would have been nice to see something other than tunnel after tunnel. Definitely scifi, but nothing mind blowing. Sound was alright, maybe a bit annoying.

Bottom Line: An okay rent. Don't expect much

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Only a four and a half hour game.

posted by bornagain (PEORIA, AZ) Jun 9, 2011

Member since Sep 2006

My Son beat this in four and a half hours. He said multiplayer is like horde mode and gets old fast. I feel bad for the people that pay $60 for this. The other Red Faction game, Gorilla, was much better with way more to do. My advice, rent but don't buy.

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