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Red Faction takes a 180

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 12, 2011

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THQ took a much different approach with Armageddon by creating a well made over-the-shoulder shooter with some intense action. They traded in the open-world RPG experience I loved in Guerrilla for a tighter level-based shooting experience. Because of that, replay value is low. The other online modes like surviving waves of enemies are all played out, and you'll get sick of that real fast. The other "Ruin" mode has 5 maps that you can beat in 30 mins. I missed Guerrilla's multiplayer format.

Armageddon is a shooting game, not an RPG. It feels like Dead Space in how you view the shooter, but you are much more well rounded instead of having just some sticky bombs and a maul. I found myself using the new Magnet Gun the most. Point it first at a large metal object like a car, then aim the 2nd shot let's say 100ft away at a group of enemies in the building, and watch the car fly 100mph into the building destroying the foes and everything in its path. This created some very unique ways to dispose of foes and pretty much everything in the level. It doesn't use ammo, so I had this nasty thing equipped all the time.

You also have a repair gun, used by holding LB. Anything destroyed can be repaired by this, simply to be destroyed again of course. So if you blew up the bridge to your area, just rebuild it like brand new. You can rebuild broken stuff and upgrade stations. Collect salvage to upgrade and equip/apply some sweet perks and upgrades.

You also have Jedi-like abilities and can manipulate energy by creating "force waves" to destroy anything in a path, launch foes in the air to pick off like Bulletstorm, or create a shield to stop incoming fire, etc. SO combine your Jedi powers with a boatload of new guns and explosives to create an unbelievable amount of destruction and explosions. And even with 1000 things all blowing up, I never had one freeze, blip, or lag from trying to keep up. Nice job THQ.

Milt Drucker

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Nothing new.

posted by ThInKiN (SANTA ANA, CA) Jun 11, 2011

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If you have stopped one invasion you have stopped them all. Armageddon is fun for a few hours by then the repetitive combat scenarios will leave you in the grind.


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Fun but not the kind of comeback i thought it was

posted by toilfoil (PEARLAND, TX) Jun 8, 2011

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I totally agree with the guy below me, moving it underground killed and the aliens were so annoying it just killed the games campaign. The cool factor would have to be the everything falls apart, and thats about it, The only other fun thing was ruin mode, which is a free roam blow everything up mode. The only thing is it costs 400 Microsoft points to get. All in all it was fun but i'm gonna stick with Red Faction Guerilla for now.

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