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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Rapid kills, accuracy, and bagman points

Rapid kills, accuracy, and bagman points: Select "Team Bagman" and go to the level "Relentless". Set the options as follows: Weapons: Pistol to default, rail driver Score limits: 500 More bots possible No power ups No reloads Unlimited ammo Difficulty: Easy or create some bots and make them easier and make their first liked weapon to pistol. Have yourself alone in your team, and all bots are in the other. Try to find the rail driver and the bag then go to the large room where is the large hole on the roof. Go to the little room on your left when you come from the little jump room. Next, stay as hidden as possible. The stupid bots will appear. Keep firing so that when the bots appear, they will freeze in place and cannot hit you. If you wait until at least four bots are stuck like that, you will have unbelievable performance.

Funny message in multi-player mode

In the multi-player level "Watch Your Step", jump off of a cliff and fall. If you look upward quick enough, you will be able to see a hidden message spray painted on the bottom of the level. The message is "SUCKS TO BE YOU". An easier way to do this is to play on arena mode and die to become an observer. While in observer mode, move under the platform and read the message.