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Milking the proverbial cash cow

posted by DeusUmbra (TUCSON, AZ) Jun 6, 2006

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The original Red Faction was fresh and inventive and especially ground-breaking, given the geo-mod technology. But this title shares far too little with its predecessor. It is stale and doesn't even relatively follow the plot of the first, it disregards it entirely.

Play the first and this one too, if you must, but brace for a cruel disappointment.

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Above Average

Distopic future, huh? Needs more holes.

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 13, 2006

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The Xbox has a wide selection of shooters and it's library contains some of the best examples of FPSs on the market today. So why should you consider picking up Red Faction II several years after it's release? Well, despite having sub-par graphics, sound, controls and presentation by today's standards, there is still value in this title. First thing that really sets it apart from most other shooters is the destructive environments. In the single-player game, busting through walls and floors are important steps to getting ammo, completing secondary objectives and, in some cases, making it to the end of a level. The story is nothing spectacular and you will notice a lack of polish in several areas as the frame rate occasionally drops, the game stutters and sound cuts out periodically. And the single-player campaign will take you less than a day to complete. While the multi-player might not compare to, say, Halo 2 (no on line) it does offer something rare in an FPS: bots. Yes, I have not played with multi-player bots since XIII and Red Faction II even lets you build your own bots, which is a nice touch. The game is a nice diversion, but it's age is showing. I still give it credit for holding merit this long after release.

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Story mode lacks but multiplayer is fun!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Aug 4, 2006

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GAMPLAY: If your the kind of person that likes intense shooters like Black or Halo, then Red Faction might not deliver that action u want. First off, the game is very easy, even on hard it probably would be as hard as Halo on normal. Secondly, the controls $UKKK ( u press black button to reload, and other things are screwwwed up too!). Also, missions RARELY make u do anything other than getting to a certain point while killing ppl on the way and mabye fighting a boss. Some of the good things about RF:2 is that there are tons of weapons in the game ( and muliplayer also). There are many different types of anemies so your not always killing the same ppl, AND in muliplayer ( which is probably waht youll be spending most of your time on) there are tons of maps( and i mean tons!), u can choose many different varieties of ppl that u either unlock or got wen u start. U can costomize how u want to play at the battlefield ( like Halo 2) and u get all the same weapons u get in single player!
STORY: The whole story here is that RF is trying to kill this guy named Sopot who is made the RF ppl like they are now. There is a twist at the end which is pretty surprising in a shooter game like red faction.
GRAPHICS: The graphics in FF:2 are ok but not that good. The environments & enemies look kinda blocky and the lighting and textures arent too good either.
OVERALL: I think the most fun youll have with RF:2 is in the multiplayer

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