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Red Dead Revolver

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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Completion bonuses

After finishing the game you will unlock bounty hunter mode and hard mode.

Red Wood Revolver

Finish the game in "Hard" mode to unlock the "Very Hard" and "Red Wood Revolver" (play as Manny Quinn training dummy) modes.

unlock all showdown characters

Buy every item from the stores to unlock all showdown characters and journal pages.

Unlock Manny Quinn

REMEMBER: This is the most difficult task in the game. You must first unlock everything, including the lucky flask from talking to jack swift in Brimstone (the third time you visit); the pocket watch from the paperboy in Brimstone (the fourth time you visit),.and the hot bath from the girls in the tub upstairs during the saloon fight. You must also achieve an "Excellent" rank in every chapter by either earning three stars or purchasing items until there are no "Excellent" locks left to open. After finishing your game and achieving the above, go to "Showdown". You must have all 47 characters unlocked and 99% of game completed before proceeding.

Cheat mode

Play through the game in bounty hunter mode to unlock various cheats, including "Invincibility", "Infinite Deadeye", "Golden Gun" (powerful guns), "Bite the Bullet" (one hit kills), "Sad Stars" (blood replaced with stars), "No HUD", "No Distortion", "Show Player Position", "Show AI Info", and "Big Money" at the pause menu; as well as more characters in Showdown.

Morning Star (Red's mother) as a showdown character

Beat Chapter 1:

Sad Stars cheat

Beat Chapter 2:

Sheriff Bartlett as a showdown character

Beat Chapter 5:

Smitty as a showdown character

Beat Chapter 11:

Matilda as a showdown character

Beat Chapter 14:

No HUD cheat and Grizzly as a showdown character

Beat Chapter 18:

Bite the Bullet cheat

Beat Chapter 20:

No Distortion cheat

Beat Chapter 21:

Infinite Deadeye cheat

Beat Chapter 24:

Golden Gun cheat

Beat Chapter 25:

Invincibility cheat

Beat Chapter 27: