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Red Dead Revolver


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Gameplay Controls

Red Dead Revolver




4 Phases to a Duel: Grabbing, Drawing, Locking and Firing.

GRABBING THE GUN: Press back on the right analog stick to grab your weapon. The closer your hand is to the weapon the faster you will grab it.

DRAWING: Press forward on the right analog stick to draw your weapon. For a quicker draw, press forward as the hand clutches the weapon.) Once you've drawn your weapon, the game will enter "Dead Eye" slow motion.

LOCKING: Use the right analog stick to move your cross hairs over each enemy. As the target indicator hovers over a body part, it will cycle between different shot types, including Poor Shot (yellow), Hit (Dark Red), and Critical Hit (Bright Red). Tap R1 to lock in each shot. You can lock as many targets as you have bullets loaded in your weapon.

FIRING: Press R2 at any time to end the slow motion phase, and fire at any locks. Red will fire if R1 is pressed after all locks have been initiated or if the slow motion phase times out. The left analog stick will allow allow switching to different targets when engaging multiple characters in multiplayer version of dueling, Showdown. The left analog stick is not used to target multiple opponents in single player games.

Shooting from Cover At times, when caught under a hail of enemy fire, use cover when returning fire. Face the object or structure and press the Square button. The weapon will be drawn while bracing the object or structure. Move to the edge and press L1 and the right analog stick to guide the cross hairs to the target and R1 to fire.

Horse Back To mount a horse or other animal, approach the animal and press the Square button. To Jump over obstacles while on horseback press the X button. To stop the horse, simply pull back on the left analog stick.

Interact with Other Characters Walk up to other characters and press the Square button to interact and engage in conversation.

Heavy Firepower When heavy firepower is needed, approach a Gatling Gun and press the Square button to commandeer it.

X Button Jump / Accept
Triangle Button Reload Weapon
Square Button Grab and Strike Enemy / Attach to Mounted Weapon
Circle Button Punch
L2 Button Switch Weapons
L1 Button Draw Weapon. Hold L1 + R1 = Fire Weapon. Hold L1 + R2 = Dead Eye. Hold L1 + X = Roll. Hold L1 + Circle = Melee Attack.
R1 Button Kick. Tap R1 to taget + Fire to Fire in a Duel.
Start Button Pause / Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera, Targeting
L3 Button Crouch / Duck
R3 Button Zoom In / Zoom Out