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Very Good

The Rebirth of Western gaming

posted by cjizal09 (ELKTON, MD) May 1, 2009

Member since May 2009

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Red Dead Revolver has many things going for it. The story is of the average revenge stroy, but not many games make you feel for the characters like this game does. Great voice acting takes it to another level and good animation also helps the feel of the game. The levels are amazingly detailed and there is literally no backtracking. You also take control of other characters as they all have different goals, but they all at some point meet eachother and join forces. The gameplay is just as good. There are dozens of guns, each level has you doing somethimg else, and each level feels different in every way. The bosses in most of the levels are fun and they take some thinking to defeat them. Though some bosses tend to make you feel awkward. The game is also filled with showdown events in a classic western fashion. The controls are just plain great! Though some things are a tad screwed. The multiplayer has tons of levels, characters, and powerups to collect, but there is no online at all. Also, some fights feel unfair due to cheap deaths and the occaisional we get all headshots enemy.There's just no denying the fact that this game has great set pieces, fun battles, great story, addicting gameplay, and when you throw in some offline multiplayer with some friends, you just can't go wrong.The game even has some emotional moments, and an ending that will make you go get the tissues. This game just screams extremely good and this must be in anyone's ps2 catagory.

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Great game, I reckon, ifn ya like gunslinger tales

posted by makoeyes (EL CENTRO, CA) Oct 1, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is fun as heck. In fact, ignore my bloody rating, because I gave it that for a snobby reason: they don't name gun brands. Other than that, great game. It's got that old western cliche greatness, and it feels great when you sling a forty five and pull nothin' but head shots. Try it, stranger.

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the number one gun of the west.

posted by videochris (NORTH ADAMS, MA) Apr 22, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Great storyline, multiple playable characters, great unlockables, huge variety of weapons. Whats not to love?

In Red Dead Revolver you play a cowboy, Red. Who is trying to get revenge for the death of his parents(cliche, who cares). The story follows him on his journey throughout the west killing bad guys and eventually killing his parents murderer. You get to use a variet of weapons, like different types of pistols, shotguns, rifles, knifes, and dynamite. You also meet other characters along the way that you get to play as, Like an indian, a soldier, and a farmgirl. All the different characters have different moves and weapons that you can use. Also, in the game you can ride horses which is also fun.

Other then the "story mode" There is "showdown" mode, which is multiplayer at its finest. There are different types of matches, a form of deathmatch, team deathmatches, showdown( duel) etc. If you do well in story mode you can unlock tons and tons of characters to play as or against in showdown mode.

the only things this game is missing or doesnt do right is :
it would be great if it had an online mode.
it could be longer, i can beat it in 5 hours now.

this game is made by rockstar games(gta,midnight club,state of emergency) but it is not urban gangster game like most of their games, it is a great western, that stays true to the setting, you wont be seeing uzis or gangsters in this. Outlaws are the bad guys you'll be facing.

this game is unbelievable and since its a greatest hits title, can be picked up for only $20. trust me, its worth it, go get it now.

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