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posted by xgamrx (WARRINGTON, PA) May 26, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I expected a great deal from this game, but was delivered another order of GTA's dated game play stationed in the Wild West. The graphics are quite amazing at 720p. Why was this game not released with full 1080p output? I expected a visceral experience, but was left with very little satisfaction. Though, I am sure reviewers will relish in the open world format. The game has a few revealing elements which quickly wear off after repeating them on a constant basis. Why the sheriffs’ are immediately made aware of your presence and crimes is part of the GTA genre? This takes away from the suspense of possibly being hunted down for a bounty. You would expect to view bounty signs being posted and hear rumors throughout the towns regarding your mischievous activities. I believe this game was severely overhyped before release while the coop story mode was omitted. In the end, you will enjoy this game if you enjoy the GTA series, otherwise steer clear.

Pros: Graphics, Musical Score/Audio
Cons: Game play, Realism

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Ain't nothing to be redeemed here.

posted by ZeroCS (BROOKLYN, NY) May 26, 2010

Member since May 2010


Red Dead Revolver was a great enough easter egg of a game back in the day way before we even heard of the term "free roam". And now, the Red Dead series is back, with a bang.

As obvious to those already, you play as John Marston, another man trying to survive in the Wild Wild West after being left for dead. That's about as far as my spoiler will go, and besides that's said in the commercial.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this game, maybe MINOR bugs, which you can't even consider bugs, all that really happens is that a bush gets in your way every once in awhile, and that's mostly during cutscenes!

Any other problem with this game is because of the uniqueness it brings to the third person genre, such as weapon selection. Its only troubling to use at first, after maybe a few hours its not even a problem to consider, heck even in the beginning its not a problem to consider, I'm just throwing it out there because that's the best complaint anyone can make about this game!

Side missions, mini games, story are all well put together and insanely fun, multiplayer is a blast and a great breath of fresh air when you don't feel like roaming the rural Wild West by yourself. It is an absolutely fun and stunning game. I can honestly say this is the best shooter I have ever played, and I'm a guy who owns Goldeneye 007 on the N64. 10 out of 10, and that's an understatement of a rating.

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The Wild West is a wild good time

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) May 26, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

What can you say that hasn't already been said about Rockstar's latest gem? This is the Western game console owners have been waiting for. While not quite a straight sequel to the PS2's "Red Dead Revolver", it certainly builds on that game's mechanics and look. "Red Dead Redemption" puts us in the boots of John Marston, a former outlaw recruited by the Feds to hunt down his old gang buddies. Unfortunately for Marston, he's also a former outlaw with a family, and it is his family that the Feds threaten to get him to journey to New Austin to do their work for them. And what a journey he gets to take. The wide open vistas are beautifully rendered, and the towns have a solid, authentic feel to them. Like the GTA games, there is a lot of humor to be found in the conversations held by the NPCs. Marston is quite a funny guy himself (just listen to his remarks as he skins a skunk), and overall the voice acting is superb. There are plenty of characters for Marston to meet on the range, some important to the main story line, and some that offer a multitude of side quests to take on. Controls are terrific, though it does take some getting used to when riding horses. The Dead Eye mechanic makes a return, making gunplay a bit easier as well as more selective. Targetting body parts can be helpful when trying to take hombres alive for the higher bounty. This West has a ton to do besides the main story missions- hunting, collecting, treasure hunting, poker, horseshoes, collecting bounties, and just riding and enjoying the scenery. You can spend hours doing all sorts of things besides the well written story. A couple of glitches make this less than perfect (some glitches make for some amusing encounters) but hey, the Old West was less than perfect. This is a definite buy, and well worth the full purchase price. Lasso this one, grab a horse, and enjoy the ride!

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