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the story....... amazing

posted by hmmmmm (BETHUNE, SC) May 29, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

this game was so cool the story was outstanding but the ending made me so sad john faught hard so his family would live but when he was done killing people he finally came home to his family when he did he taught his son everything but one day the army betrayed him he risked his life for his family when john said "get out of here son i'll catch up" john turns around opens the barn door is his death but you know what it took 20 army soldiers to kill him. Long Live John Marston!

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Red Dead Redemption Review (PS3)

posted by JPickering (MEDFORD, MA) May 29, 2010

Member since May 2010

Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games could be seen on its surface as Grand Theft Auto 4 with a western outfit on. What makes the game go above and beyond this under-examined reaction, is how fully realized and in-depth the world of RDR is. Every element of the game is coated with a wonderful polish, from the drunks that wander the sparse tumbleweed infested towns to the critters big and small that line the lush Tex-arcana countryside, Rockstar has again raised the bar on the open sandbox game, creating a living and breathing world reminiscent of Sergio Leone's string of 1970's spaghetti westerns and just as engaging.

With all these things working in its favor, helmed by the brilliant design team at Rockstar, its clear that Red Dead Redemption is another must have title for this year. Even though RDR may seem to revolve around a title we've seen before, its a fresh take on what has become a rather lonely western aesthetic. RDR heralds back to the days when media in the form of cowboys and outlaws ruled the scene. A fitting homage, and a blast of entertainment all its own, Red Dead Redemption continues the legacy of blood the stained spurs, quick draw shooting, wild west action genre. Not only is it the best western game of its kind, with its immersing, fun, inviting game play and detail heavy landscape that allows for hours upon hours of play, it could be a front runner for best sand-box game of all time.

-Jonathan Pickering

May 19th, 2010

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another amazing game by rockstar

posted by mhaxhiaj (WORCESTER, MA) May 29, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This is another beautifully made game by Rockstar Games. The world is unbelievably detailed and feels real. The protagonist is a really likeable character and his story is really well-told. The gameplay and the guns are fun to use, the duals are nice as well as all the other things you can do in the game. I spent countless hours just hunting wolves, elks, cougars and grizzlies and it made for 20+ hours of very very solid gameplay which led to a nice ending. The multiplayer is somewhat boring, but this game is really more of a single-player game, and the single player is meaty enough where it makes up for the boring multiplayer although it is fun to get together with friends in the open world and do whatever you want. The graphics and character models are not the best, but still top notch. The PS3 version also has frame-rate drops occasionally but this is not that big of an issue for a game of it's size. Overall really great game, and contender for GOTY.

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