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so fun!

posted by wasabiuli (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

This game is so great and in my opinion game of the year so far. The glitches during gameplay really don’t bother me and sometimes the glitches are quite funny. The variety of scenery, characters and gameplay is up there with uncharted 2. even after finishing the game I found myself wanting to finish the multitude of side missions, achievements and search for easter eggs. I very rarely continue a game after finishing it but this game compels me. Wow what fun and love the voice acting and music!

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GF Rating


Red dead fun

posted by slicknick (Brooklyn, NY) Jun 2, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

This is like a wild west version of gta.Theres lots of side missions to do,like corraling horses,killing outlaws tying to rob a stagecoach or kill a prostitute,etc.Its lots of fun and theres some funny characters,especially the graverobber.You can also play blackjack,poker,and my favorite liars dice.Its it.

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One of the best multiplayer games ever.

posted by PS3gamer85 (BRANDON, FL) Jun 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game is truly special. The story mode on this game is very similar to Grand Theft Auto. You have a variety of missions that you get from a few different people for the main story, as long as a ton of side missions you get from strangers. Pretty straight forward.
Where this game really shines, however, is the multiplayer. The free roam multiplayer is a completely new experience. go around and explore, complete challenges, hunt animals, join or create your own posse, or just kill innocent people and watch your bounty raise. This is a truly unique experience. It has a ton of replay value because everyone and everything you kill gives you experience points. You start a level 1 with a pony, and level up from there all the way to 50. You unlock new items, characters, horses, weapons, ect as you lvl up.
The multiplayer also includes you're standard game modes you would expect. 5 on 5 deathmatch, free for all deathmatch that begins with a shootout, and capture the gold bags (similar to capture the flag)

Bottom Line : If you play online you will definitley want to own this game, but the story mode alone is worth adding to you're Q.

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