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GF Rating


No GTA ripoff, loads better.

posted by joverkill (COLUMBIA, MD) Oct 11, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

To be honest, for 3 months I mocked my friend for buying this. It really seems like a version of GTA but with cowboys, which sounded to me like it'd take the fun out of it, I was wrong. Every free-roam game I own gets repetitive, not this one. I'd replay it again and again, because rather than most games repeating the same small boring missions, thinking they are more fun the 21st time, this game adds new gameplay so quickly that you hardly repeat anything unless you choose to. Fame is a huge part of the fun in the game, it makes you so unimportant at 1st, and I didn't notice this until the end, fame actually makes people react differently, aswell as the honor system, which is a bit flawed, such as losing honor for killing robbers, but it's still a great way to tell how many innocents you've murdered. The game is so unrepetative though that even after I've beaten it, I'm still going to buy it. The campain is just short enough to end right before your rushing to the end, but long enough to let hardcore or even casual gamers feel...connected. Also, so many parts of the game can be replayed and challenges don't stop thanks to a modest but not exesive amount of achievements obtained in the main storyline. And I'll be honest, I'm a cutscene skiper, and I've laughed at some of CoD's deaths in campain, but this game made me even cry, and I made my friends shut up every time a cutscene came on. Why? Your an awesome character in the game and the cutscenes graphics and occasional lines (aswell as the lack of sane people) make them unforgetable. Honestly, it seems to good to just rent. So many weapons and fun, unrepetitive missions make the game so far away from GTA but yet close enough that GTA fans will love it too. Best of all, the storyline sets you up as a hero (you can play differently) rather than a terrorist, so the worries of parents have been well satisfied. A game worth buying, getting all the DLC and something that is easy to badmouth only before you play.

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GF Rating


better than gta

posted by kyle2546 (FLEETWOOD, PA) May 21, 2010

Member since May 2010

16 out of 19 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

red dead redemption caught my attention a few months and I waited endlessly for. Now, that I have it I'm blown away. for the first part the world is massive and alive! But with such alarge area you need to be very patiant in getting everywhere. Next, biggest rockstar weopen collection yet, dozen of guns from revolvers to shotguns even a gatling-gun. the characters that you meet along the way are mostly weird, evil, creepy, or, rarely, good. If you like hunting you'll love this game animals are everywhere. There are tons of smaller things as well like bounty hunting, gambling, random missions and people, and now returning to roickstar, free-roaming games, buyable homes!

Now on to multiplayer, you first start out in a free roam with many other online players, in it you can level-up, get new weopens, and select game matches with your freinds, not to mention all the games you can play online as well.

So take it from me buy this game! There are very few faults, great graphics, steller multiplayer, and an unlimited amount of stuff to do.

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GF Rating


What was I thinkin'?

posted by reddevil93 (JEFFERSONVILLE, IN) Dec 22, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

When I first heard of Red Dead Redemption, I wanted nothing to do with it. Then I noticed all of the hype, including game-of-the-year from multiple sources. So I figured, what the heck? Here's what I found out:

Story:10 A promise of redemption drives the main character to the end of the game.
Graphics:10 Beautiful scenery that I just had to stop and atare at for a while.
Sound:10 Great voice work, and an awesome soundtrack.
Gameplay:10 A bit like PS2's GUN, only for this generation.
Multiplayer:10 Crazy, unbalanced, but fun as anything!

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