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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection


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red dead undead nightmare

posted by mgoody (WASHINGTON, IL) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

this game is all together really fun that is when you have the cheats the guns in this addition to red dead redemption are very poor and unusable and all the time the undead are right next to you and they are near immpossible to beat they can't die without a ceartain weapon or being shot in the face it is even worse that you only end up facing huge groups of tem and don't go near the place in the game where you find the normal game where you you find a bone and a boot dont get me started. you will have to fight a thousand of those things

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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

posted by anorange (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 1, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

This is my first Red Dead redemption Game. I found it to be addicting with a compelling single player experience and a re-engaging multiplayer experience. Two critical components that have kept me playing it for the past few days.

There are few gameplay bugs and overall the gameplay was very polished. I havent had to restart my system like I did so often with new vegas.

The story line ran parrallel to the gameplay and did not detract from the gameplay, something I thought Frontline did, and the story had numerous metaphors and side storys which enriched the man vs. society nature of zombies. That was single player(good mechanics and decent storyline with depth).

The multiplayer has been interesting because the pvp is challenging, rewarding new players and vetrans alike. As a newbie, I could collect guns but I couldnt keep them until I unlocked them. So the high level players didnt " run rough shod" over me as I had the same guns as they did with a little effort.

Also there are a number of interesting options in mutliplayer that I havent fully invesitgated. There are Co-op missions with specific goals that I found challenging and rewarding.

I found the game's single player and multiplayer experience to be fun, challenging and rewarding in many ways. I would recommend this game to anyone without reservations. The only other game I liked this much was Diablo and it is my favorite for what its worth.

(I liked at the time, of course diablo is dated and perhaps not as good as games that came after it. But I like it none the less!)

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