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Above Average


posted by RedVikingu (COLLEGE STATION, TX) May 30, 2010

Member since May 2010

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I was first drawn to this game because I found its concept to be interesting: The story follows a lineage of heroes for 5 generations as a man called Leonhardt and his decedents fight against the forces of darkness. The game, however, is marred by flaws.

For example, each piece of equipment can be upgraded or broken down into component parts as ingredients for something more powerful. Successfully creating some tiers of equipment will make the shops carry it from that moment forth, which makes it easier to equip your party or to get components. However, the game does not give you a reference of where to find these components. This doesn't become a problem until later in the game when your crafting and shop lists are so large that you'll find yourself going back and forth between them hoping that you somehow have a way to get that one specific component you need.

The plot and characters are something to be desired as well. The overall plot for each generations feels repetitive and you'll pretty much be doing the exact same thing just with a different main character. There's also somewhat of a detachment from the plot. For instance, in each generation, the game tells you that you're leading an army, but it's hard to believe when it's only referred to and you never see it.

Also, if you're going to have a game based on the passage of time, it is very hard to make that feeling palatable when the vast majority of the core cast are non-human and don't age.

The characters are great and have some depth, but like any game that has a extensive cast of characters, you're going to get your core characters, and then everyone else. While everyone gets a lot of lines, you're sometimes struck with the feeling that the game gave them those lines just so the player wouldn't forget about them.

The game doesn't pick up until the 5th generation where it finally feels like you're being sucked into the story, but until then, it feels like you're going through the motions.

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GF Rating


a nice addition

posted by dmitry (CLOVIS, CA) May 6, 2010

Member since May 2010

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

similar to the 2 gentlemen above, I also found this game to be good. Althought most of the RPG's I play are more of an action type: such as FF, fable, morrowind and so many more, I enjoyed this game.

The combat system can be tedious at first, placing each of the 6 character spots each turn, into areas that allow them to link to one another. As well as managing defensive and offensive roles and locals for each character. But when its done correctly you are rewareded with a visually stimulating reaction.

The plot of the story is " decent" currently im on the 4th generation, on hard mode, and at no point so far in the game have I felt deeply attached to any of the characters, but nontheless the story is intresting.Especially if you are a fan of japanese culture, and/or anime.

The upgrade portion of the game is also "fun" ive spent at leat 20 hours of the 65 i've have played on simply finding the items needed for upgrade into better items. Tied into this upgrading are quest that reward you with titles and items. with over 100 of these reward quest that cannot be completed in 5-10 minutes. One of these quest requires you to kill 5 of each of a type of enemy, which arent easy to find. Another has you deal a 50 combination hit, also something you cannot do without specific skills found in the game.

Within the game there is a plethera ( that means alot) of side activitys to do, that do not take away from the main point/story of the game. included with what was stated above, are A monster catcher type deal, where you during normal fights attemptt o catch monsters to fight with you, trade in for items, ( some rare) or breed into better monsters. All and all, this game will be something you spend more then a day on, and at teh very least a game you can rent and play until the next series of RPGS are realses later this year. :D

enjoy this game, its worth renting.

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Not for the faint of heart.

posted by Kuro (LA GRANGE, NC) Sep 21, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game is a rough one.. alright? Really. It's all sandy and dirty and..just rough. But once you get past the exterior (which takes a little while..), you find all of the good, cool, and just interesting portions of this game..

Though.. it should be said that this game has more roughness than soft creamy filling of awesomeness.

I have played numerous hours (I think around 20, total), and almost completed the second generation. And I can play no more. That's coming from a person who at the beginning of this game was set on completing.

I'll be honest. The only thing that kept me going through it was the little marker that said "Event" every three or four steps on the world map.
It even got to the point where I would save before an event and stop playing, just to have something to start off well on when I turned the game back on.
But, even that trick faded for me when I was hit with numerous battles with one thing in common.. Everything.

Not even the enemies.. but even the same strategy I took as far as character placement and technique combination was almost exactly identical each fight.
In short: I had figured this game out.

I can't accurately review this game because I did not complete it. But I can tell you what you will like and what you won't.

You will like:
-The story.
-The characters.
-The whole "Marriage-kid" thing.
-The battle system.

You will not like:
-How many battles set battles there are before anything good happens.
-How (3/5 times that) disappointing that previously mentioned 'good' thing was.
-How all of the battles tend to be the same boring set-up after a good thirty or forty times.
-The unclear karma system. (just plain Karma and then the female scale thing as well)

I say give it a shot if it appealed to you.. But don't expect excellence. And if you have ADD, you won't get very far in this. At all.

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