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This game= Disgaea & Phantom Brave

posted by terrill120 (AURORA, CO) Apr 30, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

102 out of 112 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

This is the same as Disgaea or Phantom Brave. The combo moves are easier to pull off. All weapons, armor, skills, and accessories are upgradeable. Plus later on in the game you get to breed monsters to be on your team as well as having children to start on their separate quest. This is a good game not graphically great but then again would you expect a 100 hour rpg to have flashy graphics.

If you are not a fan of final fantasy tactics dont bother playing this type of game and please dont rate it low because you are not a fan of this "genre." I hate sports games so I would never rate one, thus if you are not a rpg fan please stay far away.

May the best breeder win.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Love is War!

posted by Icoloco (DRESDEN, ME) May 5, 2010

Member since May 2010

39 out of 43 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Story (7/10)

Although it has a average story ,and no English dub is fine for me some others might not like it. Character Development is what seems to be the games minor weakness at the beginning of it ,but they start to get into them further into the game. The soul breeding system is a huge part of it as you can pick a wife to create a new hero. The wife you pick will change the way he looks and the way he fights.

Combat (8/10)

This is where the game gets its fine points. It has a deep system to work with. It starts simple ,and may seem boring to people at first with just the normal turn phase and attack phase ,and then it eases you into more complex things like breaking ,and overkilling enemies. If you still find it boring there is always a auto feature in the game to fight battles for you.

Sound (7/10)

While the Music is great ,and fits the mood of the game well you tend to hear the same song repeating at times ,and as I said before there is no English voice acting in it so if you don't know much Japanese you most likely wont understand what they are saying in battle ,but there are subtitles for the story.

Graphics (6-10) This game was made two years ago in japan ,and just now recently ported to USA so don't expect too much.

Replay Value (High)

Through the game there are many options to choose from ,and wife to pick from :3

Overall ( 7.6-10)

Its a great game to get if you love Srpgs ,but if you are playing it from just looking at the trailer you might be disappointed ,And don't expect this game to hold your hand through it (cough) crafting system.....

Hope this helps you decide!

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A good addition to the RPG genre

posted by Vicious16 (BOWLING GREEN, OH) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

A good RPG comes around once in a new moon. Most of the next-gen consoles get bad reviews just cause they stray too far from the normal formula that most other RPGs use (i.e. Final Fantasy 7, Disgaea, Tales of Vesperia). And this is one of those games that tries a different combat system. The Record of Agarest War is a long game in terms of RPGs being said to be 100+ hours in length. With that said, this game is more for the hardcore RPG gamer and not the casual ones. For those that give this game a low rating just cause they gave up after 30 min or even after 4 hours havn't experienced anything of the game. I can testify that I was 2 hours in and wasn't thrilled with it at first. I kept playing though and found that I was having a harder and harder time putting the controller down. I eventtually bought the game due to the length just so I could free up my GameQ for another game. And now onto more detail about the game.

Story (9/10): The basic premise is a battle between light and dark that takes place over several generations. At times the lines can get cliched and even the story basis is cliched, but it is still solid and provides entertainment. Another new aspect the game brings is the Soul Breeding, which brings a Dating Sim aspect to the game with having to fall for 1 of 3 women in each generation to create a new hero for a new segment of the game.

Gameplay (9/10): This is one of those areas that goes outside most players comfort zones. It kinda borrows from the thought of FF Tactics and Disgaea and yet doesn't. You start out with a move phase and get to position your characters but then the enemy gets to move so you don't know where they would move to attack. However, during the move phase, characters skills can be linked to be able to attack from across the area.

Sound (7/10): Is in subtitles, with Japanese voiceovers and some sound effects are annoying.

Graphics (7/10): Definitly not next-gen graphics but not game breaking at all.

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