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Also on:Xbox 360
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GF Rating

Very Good

Here's the deal...

posted by Naraxis (MEDFORD, WI) Aug 2, 2011

Member since Sep 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Alright guys here's the deal... This game is NOT THAT BAD!!! If you are a fan of this genre of game you WILL enjoy it. The story was engaging and i enjoyed it. If you liked games such as Soul Nomad, Disgaea, or even Fire Emblem its likely that you will like this game. To all of the whiners who say "OH EM GEEZ DEZE GRAPHIKZ R 4 DE PS1!!!!!!!!!!111111!!1!!!!!!" No, no they are not. The graphics in this game are drawn in a way different to what most of you are accustomed to. Honestly think of what this game would be like if it had Call of Duty graphics....... it just wouldn't work. At all. Also if you are playing this genre of game for the first time don't pick this one to start with. Pick Disgaea 3, its a very humorous game that by the end you'll be accustomed to the graphics style and ready for this game. Now on to the game play. It is VERY slow to start out with but by the time you get 3 or 4 people in your party it won't be very boring. It actually gets quite entertaining to watch a baddie get utterly destroyed by meteors, large weapons of all sorts, and various other spells/abilities. Its also nice to watch your combo meter hit astronomical numbers later in the game. In conclusion, this game is for Hardcores of the genre, newcomers would be better off starting with a game like Disgaea or Soul Nomad. Oh, one more thing... yes the audio is in japanese. But don't freak out! there's subtitles for the cutscenes and if you watch japanese anime which is likely if you enjoy this genre of game then it won't bother you one bit and the chatter during the battle is pretty easy to understand if you've watched japanese anime for a while. For those of you who haven't watched japanese anime... i recommend watching Tales of the Abyss, excellent anime with a game made after it... or was the anime made after the game? I don't know. Regardless start there if you think reading the subtitles on cutscenes will get annoying.

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GF Rating


Took a while to get into it

posted by steve0178 (FLORENCE, KY) Aug 7, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

If you like tactical RPGs, and don't mind taking a long time on your games you will like this game. It is no Disgaea 3, but it is pretty cool. It took me about 10 hours to really start liking the game. It was pretty slow from the start but gets much more exciting as you start to develop your characters. The worst part for me about the game is the dialogue. No English voices kind of ruins part of it for me and the fact that it takes so long to get through the dialogue. I feel like a lot of it is completely useless too. I hate skipping through dialogue but I feel like I do it a lot in this game. The game play is fun though. You can capture monsters and trade them for items or breed them and use them on your team which is pretty cool. You can also use items that are dropped or stolen from enemies to smith new items and then refine them. Some items even refine into stat boosting items which can then be attached to your armor and weapons. I want to love this game, but I find myself too annoyed at certain points to love it.

Story line is good
Fun game play
Plenty of play time
Lots of characters
Item customization and creation

Can't skip through dialogue (even with option to skip it just fast forwards through certain parts)
Dialogue rambles a lot!
No English voices, only subtitles
Takes about 10 hours to get into it
Game is very hard without using PSN

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GF Rating


ALMOST complete garbage

posted by jacktheawesome (MENDON, MI) Jul 10, 2011

Member since May 2011

7 out of 25 gamers (28%) found this review helpful

First off, it's in japanese!!! English subtitles on events, not in battle though. Second off, this game is on the ps3 platform? What for? It could have been a ps1 game, the graphics are horrid and the gameplay is weak enough to where you plug in moves and can watch tv for 5 minutes before they are done being executed. Third, this game is extremely long. Honestly, the game wasn't too awful at the beginning when long and boring dungeons weren't appearing minutes apart from each other, with fewer and fewer events appearing as well. The battles are extrememly repetetive and its only smidgeon of decency is the attempt at making something cool using a combo system. The only reason i didn't send this game screaming back to gamestop is because of the main character's faithful sidekicks.(who are hilarious) If i were given the option to take back the possible 100 plus hours i spent on this game i would, without hesitation. This game should not be a game, it should be a manga or an anime, POSSIBLY. Terrible game, decent story, bad graphics, bad gameplay, repetetive, too long. Second playthrough options are there, if you are a fan of being miserable.

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