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Record of Agarest War Zero


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Great JRPG, Decent story.

posted by Whereisyourgod (GREENVILLE, SC) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I started playing this game with no knowledge of the Record of Agarast War series, and was pleasantly surprised and challenged by the game. The hardest part of the game is the Character Creation, which I spent a good hour+ fiddling with.

Great JRPG
Challenging, even when you lose it makes you want to try a different tactic.
Decent Story
Feels like 2 games in one with the 1st and 2nd Generation aspect.

Unforgiving mechanics, Not a good game for an Strategy RPG starter.
Impossible to defeat boss fights without lots of Revives and/or DLC items.
very slow pace storyline and sometimes gameplay.
Not easy to substitute a party member for one you haven't used.

If you love JRPGs or Strategic RPGs this is one for you. If you new to this kind of game, I would suggest another and revisit this one.

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you sent the wrong game

posted by Morrisonerock (WESTFIELD, NY) Feb 6, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

i didn't want that game rigth a way i will let you know what the rateing will be after i play it

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posted by tyler2326 (PACIFIC GROVE, CA) Jan 11, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

There are some good things about this game, but the bad out ways it by far. I like the story, the battle is good for the strategy based battles, but the way the characters grow is so bad it isn't even funny. The main character grows really quick, but the rest of the people don't, and pretty much you end up with a single (or two in my case) characters that are really strong, then the others might as well be flies to the enemy. But even then the hp doesn't go up fast at all, and there isn't a way to grind so if you want stronger characters you are out of luck. The weapons are hard to come by, the armor is hard to come by, and it just sucks over all. Plus there is no "free roaming" it is as linear as it gets. I thought this kind of thing was handled long ago, but I guess I was wrong. The actual bosses get way over powered and the fights get really long and drawn out. The biggest plus to this game was trying to get the affection of the girls, but even that is narrow as all get out. I was expecting something more like a Thousand Arms kind of deal. Granted you couldn't make a kid but you got more benefits from Thousand Arms for doing the dating and raising the affection (and it didn't diminish the others)

Overall, I just want to play Thousand Arms now, lol.

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