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JPRG fans, rejoice

posted by DmitryR (CLOVIS, CA) Jun 21, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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this is a JRPG, of course players who dont play JRPGS in depth will complain. For those new to JRPGs, realize a few things; Jrpgs are much harder then any other rpg in the genre. Yes harder then morrowwind, lost odeyssey, mass effect or any other non japanese based RPG. They are graphically basic - because in JPRGS the story and logical gameplay means more then the cosmetic features. And they take alot of time.. 56 hours played only 30% completion.

If you are good at chess, or enjoy chess - then you will be good at the majority of battles within this game. If you are a button masher who likes to dive head first into battle without thinking carefully, then kudos this game will frustrate you because of its difficulty. If you like games that you cannot beat within a day, or even a few days - welcome to the genre 56 hours in and my completion % is 35% and I did not spend much time blacksmithing or working on my adventure guild quest. True fans of the JRPG genre will rejoice over the level of difficulty within this game, its is VERY difficult to power through boss fights, or the game itsself, and doing so only causes you to be severly penalized via your level 23 roster vs level 40 mobs. This game will require you do a lot of fighting same local same mobs over and level your heroes - again I stress if you are not a JRPG fan, this game will not be suited to your liking. IT IS A GOOD Game its not great, but its a game that causes you to do a lot more then press a button and faceroll with 1 hero. It requires something most video gamers these day lack ; intellect.

few hints : each generation you will lose your main hero. So its wise to not spend all of your PP on them, you will also lose 2 of your female roster be cautious of buffing them.
Skill gain XP just like hero do, just at a much lower rate. the more you use a type of skill the more that hero will become proficient with that skill type. So dont keep switching out what skill types each hero

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Not as good as the first.

posted by Sumosushi (DALY CITY, CA) Aug 1, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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Well let me start off by saying, Zero only has two levels - normal, and hard. If you have no data from either the original or Zero, you'll start on normal. If you have clear data from the first, or if you manage to finish one game of Zero, you can play "Digest mode", which is Hard.

Except, well, personally, I found even normal mode hard - way harder than normal mode in Agarest War. I was getting slaughtered constantly, even with the boosts I got thanks to the clear data I started out with.

That, and then you realize that you're basically playing the exact same game as the first one.

No, really. Same titles, skills, everything. You'll realize soon enough too that the characters.

The only difference is that Agarest War Zero is harder and -get this-, shorter. It's an entire THREE GENERATIONS shorter than the original.

When you also take into consideration that character creation is iffy and confusing, where you'll end up with a son most likely similar to the father, the whole soul breed system seems moot.

In all honesty, if you're going to play an Agarest War, rent the first one. All Zero has going for it is -slightly- better graphics.

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GF Rating


it's a decent game

posted by Dharks (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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This game is fun to play, if you like anime then you'll probably like this game, the conversations are all said in japanese with english subs, which in my opinion is better because when japanese stuff gets an english dub, sometimes it really sucks, i.e. anime. The combat system is not like fire emblem, it shares a closer bond to FF tactics, though a bit different, you chain combos, and also you can combine skills for stronger attack. The link system and soul breed system carry over from the last game, and in this version u have more time to bond with the 17 or so characters instead of the vaguely established hero/heroines of each generation in the last. Also, to the ppl who gave this game a bad rating, if u gave it a bad rating just because of the graphics than wt.f. The game has some good ideas, the soul breed system is innovative, I think it should be used in other games, like a FF type of game.

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