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Really Bad

One of the worst RPGs I played in a while.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Feb 3, 2014

Member since Mar 2008

I'm not even sure where to begin. The game itself takes forever to load and it frequently loads while you play. This is odd since the graphics are something from PS1. The character models are jagged and poorly done. The overhead map looks like something a child scribbled with a crayon. There is no detail whatsoever and no reason to even try to explore since there is very little to find. The game has NO English VO the whole thing is Japanese, although you can put English subs. AW2 relies mainly on equipment development rather than character. You need to upgrade you're equipment as much as possible or you won't stand a chance even against weaker enemies. Character leveling is painfully slow and nearly pointless. The XP required gets ridiculous after a while and the stat increases are all but useless. The battle system is horrible. Most of the time your attacks will miss depending on where the enemy is on the grid. And even if you hit the damage is so far reduced it's a joke. This is even with buffed characters and equipment. Nothing is more irritating the seeing "MISS" with every attack you try. Also, many monsters including weaker ones can do a "One Kill" attack of some sort, meaning the damage is so massive you probably won't survive it. Monsters will often focus attacks on a single character often killing them before it's your turn to go. Monsters often will surprise attack you (something you can't do) and when this happens you're pretty much dead so enjoy watching your party get picked off. AW2 had no exploration value, most of the towns and such are for visual only you can't go in them unless it's part of an event, again making exploring pointless.


Poor graphics.
Excessive dialog.
No English VO

Relies solely on equipment leveling.
Poor battle system.
No exploration value.
Awful character development.

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GF Rating


record of acrest war 2

posted by xenodemon (LINCOLN, NE) Aug 20, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

the game looks good and has eye candy, the story is intiesing and powerful from the get go, but the combat is over-machinalised to the point of crippling. and the tutoiral keeps it all clear as mud because you just have to learn and master it all at once. and you have to fight ever little random monster just to advance, even if you escape from random battles you still can't go forward. you have to kill every little thing just to get to the next town at any desant rate. no advancing means no further play.

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GF Rating


ps3 exlusive... bulll ... no xbox 360 ....

posted by narutoscott (ESSEX, MD) Dec 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

why no xbox ?

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