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Above Average

Not a Bad Set of Games

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 2, 2010

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The recreation room provided in Rec Room games really puts many other game rooms to shame. Here, you get a choice of 20 games - from Alleyball to Darts to Table Tennis.
Most of the games can be played by up to four players; the ones that aren’t are most of the sports themed ones: Table Tennis, Table Hockey, and Peg.
Getting through the game is simple; you pick a game, you pick the number of players, each player picks an avatar, and you play the game. At the end, a winner (or a draw) is declared. You can play the game again or go back to the main menu for another game. That’s it.
The flat presentation will turn off many players; there’s nothing to unlock, the avatars can’t be modified in any way and there’s no reward for winning a game (except to see your avatar’s name followed by the word “wins”.
And some of the games have control issues - namely Darts (the targeting dot keeps moving even when I hold the Wiimote still) and Foosball (picking which set of players to spin is a real headache).
Still, I had a lot of fun with some of the games - Discus Throwing, Alleyball, Rubberband Shooting and Table Tennis.
Rec Room Games is good for players who just want simple fun and don’t want to deal with complicated matters like unlockable outfits and trophies. Just don’t expect a rich and fulfilling experience with this game. RENT IT.

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I mailed that game back in this past thursday

posted by awesome26 (OAK HILL, WV) Apr 9, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

I mailed that game back in this past thursday

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Good game for parents + kids to play together!

posted by floopie (GLEN BURNIE, MD) Mar 6, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I've read alot of neg. reviews on this game, but I bet alot of those people didn't get the game to play at home with their kids. I have a 6 yr. old and a 12 yr. old and we love (most) of the games. Some games are better than others (the bowling is prob. the worst of the bunch. It's much better represented in many other Wii titles). But, if your a parent who is looking for a good party game to play on a Saturday night with your kids....this just might be the game for you. Most of the games are familar, easy to pick up and fun. The graphics are typical for most party games for the Wii. The controls on a few of the games are identical, so younger children should pick them up easily. You should have a heck of a good Saturday game night! Enjoy!!!

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Below average game

posted by cnavarro54 (COVINA, CA) Jan 24, 2010

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Rec Room Games is a nice concept for the Nintendo Wii, however the graphics and controls are far below my expectations for a Nintendo Wii game. Some games do not allow use of the full potential of the Wii controller, as you are only limited to the d-pad. Graphics are not great, even for a Nintendo game. Overall, if you're looking for a rec room-like game for the family, I would highly recommend Sport Resort, or any other Wii title for that matter.

Also please keep in mind, some of the games in Rec Room Games can be found in Wii Sports (the disc that came with your Wii), and trust me, Wii Sports is far better in all aspects than Rec Room Games.

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Rec Room

posted by gaylemfd (FULTON, NY) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

I really don't care for this game. It only allows one player at a time. And sharing the wii remote. Not impressed with it at all!!

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