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Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk


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GF Rating

Really Bad

With a name as generic as a saltine....

posted by MyManwich (ROSEVILLE, CA) Aug 5, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

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.... You might expect the same from this game and you would be right. However, lets start from the beginning. You play through a cinema cut scene which in itself is a broken jumble of military video game clich├ęs and camera angles. Congratulations! You've just made it through the best part of the game. The flight mechanics are functional for a second gen PS one game, oh wait a minute, this is a last gen PS2 game? OK, someone isn't telling the truth here! Disc reads Playstation 2 but my eyes and hands tell me this is the worst steaming pile of doo dizzle this side of shadow the hedgehog. Do yourself a favor, if you enjoy flying games a lot, play this game! It will only enhance your appreciation for games like Ace Combat or even Aero Elite!!! Yes I said it! If you don't usually play them. Avoid this game! You will hate yourself for renting it. Graphics- 3/5 Gameplay- 2/5 Sound- 1/5 Replay- 0/5

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Just wait for Ace Combat Zero

posted by Mrbluoval (HOUSTON, TX) May 3, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

There is nothing new or ground breaking about this game. The graphics are mediocre. The enemy planes run almost the SAME exact route and don't seem to have any AI at all. There's a feature that let's you dodge an incoming missle and it looked like the creators didn't put much thought into it. A simple tap of R2 dodges the missle and you even get a warning as to when you are to push the button because the screen flashes. I played all the way up to the second level and then I just turned it off, packaged it back up and sent it out. Total time w/ game was about 15 minutes. Don't waste your time standing by the mailbox for this game just put Ace Combat Zero on your Q and wait it out. Even if the new Ace Combat isn't available, grab and older version of it.

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GF Rating


An ok rental...that's it!

posted by BlessROK (RIALTO, CA) May 4, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I'm not the biggest fan of jet combat games, but I am a fan of arcade jet combat games like StarFox and a PS1 classic WarHawk. This game is more WarHawk and less StarFox. The jets you have at your disposal are pretty weak, but they get the job done. All areas are free roaming but there's no real physics and hitting things really doesn't cause any real damage to your jet. All enemies act the the way that they don't care about your existance and try very hard to not attack you. Missions are kind of lame and the dog fights are one sided. It took me practically a whole day to beat this game. With all I've said what made me sit through it all? It was actually kind of entertaining. I'm just glad it was a rental and not a purchase.

This game had great potential, but it fell apart w/in the first 5 mins.

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