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Rayman Raving Rabbids


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Also on:PS2, Xbox 360, DS, GBA
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Rayman Raving Lunatics!!!

posted by nnaatteedd (BIG STONE GAP, VA) Dec 12, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

What can I say about this game, that doesn't already speak for itself. Although I found the multiplayer action more than missing, the bizarre array of mini games more than makes up for it. This game is great if you're sitting at home bored out of your skull. I quickly found myself making great use of the wii-mote. Don't get me wrong, the first hour playing this game was untimely fun, but when I realized how repetitive this game truly is; my tone quickly changed. I do have to say that swinging the wii-mote like a lasso and throwing the cow was excellent (not to mention new school nostalgia for mario 64!!!)

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Very Good

Those Silly Rabbids...

posted by Optix73 (TUSCALOOSA, AL) Dec 12, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

If you own a Wii and have some siblings this is a must have game, Unlike others Wii launch line up for games is incredible and this is no exception with over 70 mini games, let me rephrase that, over 70 Bizarre, hilarious mini games and slight changes throughout the game as your progress. This is a game great for Friends and family with hilarious "Rabbids" bunny like evil creatures, which capure you and force you to be a gladiator type slave doing minigames,Iguess would equal fighting lions. But one thing I disliked is he ending but besides that it was great some of my favorite were the Bunnies cant dance series where Rabbids roll onto a podium and u have to strike vertically wit the nunchuk or remote(depending on which side right or left), The shooting ones where you travel through different scenes like movies, point and shoot!, And one where you have to draw over a outline of a food then it appears and the rabbid eats it

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Oh no! Raving Rabbids are attacking!

posted by reviewdude (GARDEN GROVE, CA) Dec 11, 2006

Member since Jun 2005


Well, the story isn't too big. Mainly, bunnies are taking over the world and in the process you get captured along with your fellow Globox's. So, you are forced to take a bunch of Tests earning a Plunger each time you win the ultimate challenge (which is what I call the test through the big giant gate). Oh, yeah... I DID say plunger. It may sound very weird at first, but you find out later that it is your key for escaping your jail cell. You live in a cell during your stay and use the plungers to make a ladder to get up to a window in the very top of the cell. You'll find out what I mean later.


Now this is where the Wii comes in handy! To comeplete the tests (which are really just
mini-games that are very entertaining)you use those genius controllers to do special moves. Flicking the remote to reload, dancing with them, almost anything! Gameplay is great!


Now, the graphics aren't too good. It looks like PS2 graphics. It has old textures, and everything could look better for a next-gen console.


The game has a few cons. First off, the game is too short. I rented it this game on the 6th of December and I am almost done with it. (It is the 11th right now as I'm writing this). It is really short to play. I also (like I said before) don't like the graphics. They could have done A LOT better! Lastly, there is not too much to the plot line.


Ok, so this game has great idea's and is VERY entertaining. It consists of mini-games, and keeps you busy for at least a week. It does have bad graphics though. And not too much of a story line. I think that the game is a great rental, but not worth the buy. But I do want you to rent it. Don't pass it up! Rent it! Just don't buy it... yeah, don't buy it. Whatever, I give it a 7... out of 10!

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