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Improves on the original in most ways.

posted by raynes (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Nov 22, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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Rabbids 2 is what a sequel should be, improvement on the original. In the game the developer listened to what people complained about with the first game and fixed it. Not enough real multiplayer games, fixed. Can’t share your scores online with other people automatically, fixed. Can’t make your own set of minigames, fixed.
The basic premise of the game is that the Rabbids have entered the human world. All of the mini games are mocking popular culture in one way or another. You have one minigame where you play an Indiana Jones type character out running a giant boulder. You have another where you are spider bunny and have to shoot webs and jump from buildings.

The two most popular minigames in the original where the shooting and dance numbers. The developers have gone back and expanded on both of them as well as put them in their own area so you can access them quickly. The dance version in rabbids 2 puts players in the place of band members. Each player plays an instrument via rock band style. There are 4 instruments total each one with a different difficulty. I was thrilled they added that because in the previous game I didn’t stand a chance against others because I suck at rhythm games.

Then there are the shooting games. As the theme of this game is the rabbids taking over the human world, the developers decided to take the real world and use it as backgrounds. The result is very convincing of the rabbids taking over the real world. My main complaint about the new shooting games is the length. Not that they are too short, but quite the opposite. They are too long. I found that after playing one round my arm would get tired.

So what is the bottom line about this game . Should you get it? Honestly if you have other people you play with on a regular basis, then yes buy it . If you aren’t a huge fan of the rabbids and like to play alone, you might just want to rent it.

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Ravin' Rabbid Party

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Nov 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2003

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

The humor of plunger-wielding ugly bunnies persists on a global scale. This sequel to last year's title serves up the same gross humor, but targeted for the party market.
The levels are divided into trips which consist of South America, Asia, Europe and America (and an unlockable hidden location). Games are themed with their respective geographical location (e.g. cooking chinese BBQ chicken in Asia), but all end with a dance-dance-revolution musical number (and some surprising licensed music - Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"? GH3 couldn't even get that). This results in what seems a pretty good variety of games and locations, but still ends up somewhat repetitive (after a few hours).
Where the game really shines is the multiplayer (up to four players). Unlike the original, the games offer simultaneous involvement or races (instead of the turn-taking variety). With four people playing, be careful of those swinging nunchucks!
Unlockable outfits can be used to customize your bunny (including an "Assassin's Creed" costume...which is on the 360)
Graphics are a mixed bag. The bunnies are still funny and animations are appropriate, but you will see some jaggies and angles. In a somewhat nostalgic turn, the unlockable shooting games were made by transposing the 3D bunnies onto a full-motion video background. Granted, it ran pretty smoothly, but "felt" very strange.
This one's a fun party game and okay single game. Either way it's more of a rent than a buy (or keeper).

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Sequal Better Then Original? (Red Steel 2!!!???)

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Nov 20, 2007

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WOW! The animations are so cool! The shooting games include a movie like background! The graphics, controls, humor, and mini games are fun! Granted it does not have a lot of meat on its bones but it is worth a rental (maybe a buy); the multi-player is the most fun. Just a thought; maybe since they have the original Rayman in this one they are going to be a stellar platform game with way more mini games all one one disc with Rayman Raving Rabbids 3!

If they do Red Steel 2 they should include the movie like backgounds from the shooting in this!

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