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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Funky Town

Unlock all games to unlock Funky Town.


Get 12,000 or more points in the plumbing minigame

Altair (Assassin's Creed) Rabbid

Get a high score using Wiimote only mode on USA

Cossack (Russian) Rabbid

12,000+ points in Concentrate!

Crash Test Dummy Costume

Get 12,000 Points in Shopping Cart, Downhill.

Cupid costume

get 12,000+points in Burgerinai

Doctor Costume

12,000+ points in the "Anesthetics" Game

Fireman (Right Rabbid)

Shoot in "Paris, Pour Troujours" (Shooting Game)

French Maid Costume

Get 12,000 Points in Little Chemist.

Fruit-Hat Dancer Costume

Shoot the Right Rabbid in Year of the Rabbids.

Get 12000+ points in Rabbid School

Sam Fisher costume

Get 12000+ points in The Office

Samurai costume

Gingerbread Rabbid

12,000+ points in Hot Cake

HAZE Armor

Shoot the Right Rabbid in Big City Fights.

Indiana Jones Costume

Get 12,000 Points in Rolling Stone.

Jason Costume

Score 12000or more in Dial R for Rabbid

Jet-Trooper Rabbid

12,000+ points in the "Greatest Hits" Shooting Game

Ken Costume

Get 12,000 Points in RRR Xxtreme Beach Volleyball

Martian Costume

Gain more than 12.000 points on Bumper Cars

Masked Wrestler (Right Rabbid)

Shoot in "Greatest Hits" (Shooting Game)

Party Girl (Right Rabbid)

Shoot in "Paris, Mon Amour" (Shooting Game)

Purple Space Rabbid Uniform

Start out with it automatically.

Raider's Rabbid

Score 12,000 Points In American Football

Red Space Rabbid Uniform

Get 12,000 Points in Year of the Rabbids.

Spider-Rabbid (Free Costume)

Play the "Spider Rabbid" Game

TMNT Costume, Raphael

Obtain Trophy for greatest hits

TMNT, Leonardo Costume

Get 12,000 Points in Usual Rabbids

Vegas Showgirl

12,000+ points in Burp

Voodoo Rabbid

12,000+ points in the "Voodoo Rabbids" Game


Play every game once in single player mode.

Christmas Music

If you play the game in December or January You can notice that an Christmas music will play in the mode-select menu.

Hobo Suit

Earn 2000+ points in Extreme Volleyball to unlock the Hobo Suit.

Robot Suit

Get first place in the Laundry game to unlock the Robot Suit.

Gold Knight Coustume

Score 12,000 on Snail Race

Skeleton Coustume

Score 12,000 on TNT