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The Origin of the Species

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 1, 2011

Member since May 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Don't believe in evolution? Pick up a copy of Rayman: Origins, and you'll see how to make a perfect platformer. What starts as dashing and jumping soon as you hovering, swimming, and running up walls, and whereas your primary goal at first is merely to finish a level, you'll also get awards for collecting everything within it, not to mention beating the time limits for each stage. You're always learning new tricks to move faster, from how to boost momentum on ice to how best to wall jump, and consequently, you're always discovering new things to love about the exquisitely hand-drawn levels and excitable soundtrack.

There's plenty of content here, and from the punny titles of each level to the secrets hidden within, this will remind platform fans most of a mash between Donkey Kong Country and Wario Land: Shake It. And while perfecting Rayman's as difficult as most games in the genre, it has one edge up on its predecessors: a forgiving checkpoint and infinite life system that allows you to perfect stages a section at a time, rather than being forced to nail it all in one go. (For the hardcore, you'll still have the increasingly unforgiving time trials and the unlockable bonus "treasure" levels, in which you chase a fleeing treasure chest; rest assured, this isn't Crash Bandicoot.)

A terrific learning curve that continues to push you, a checkpoint progression system that won't make you snap your controller, and a lush and colorful aesthetic that makes even dying a beautiful thing . . . did I mention that there's a co-operative mode, too, if that's your thing? I know I made an evolution joke at the top of this review, but in all honesty, if this game proves anything, it's the importance of intelligent design.

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Art Direction can go a Long way

posted by Ngo (DREXEL HILL, PA) Dec 20, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

When i saw this last year I've been extremely excited
just thought of seeing Rayman without those stupid rabbits...SO GOOD!
and though I was upset I'd have to wait a year to play, it was worth it. This game is so much fun and has an amazing art direction. The art direction is so good that even when I wanted to quit because of the difficulty spikes I just stopped trying to get a perfect score and move onto the next level where i would still try to collect everything

My only complained is the difficulty spikes (especially those tooth mission UGH) but It does make up for it with infinite lives, the charming message "This area sure got dangerous, do you want to keep trying?" after dieing countless times to succeed perfection, and the gratitude of completing it

Great game

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Not for everyone

posted by kaitoofrose (HARVEST, AL) Nov 19, 2011

Member since May 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Alright, in my opinion, this game is one of the best I have ever played, but this game might not be for everyone. If you are just running through the level, then it might be a medium difficulty, but if you are one that has to get everything, then this game will be tough as 4-week old stale buns.

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