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Rayman – one fun guy to be with

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 26, 2011

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What this game has to do with the Rayman Raving Rabbids party games – well I quite don’t understand.
But that’s not needed – Rayman Origins is a 2D platformer where you play as Rayman, and your task is to defeat some evil force and rescue four magical sisters.
Each of the sisters that’s saved will give Rayman and friends a power – like swim underwater, run up cliffs, change size and hover.
But a few of these powers feel nothing more than a means to get through a level. And you don’t decide when you get big or small.
As you go through most levels, you collect hovering objects and find hidden areas where you rescue pink circle thingies. You get one point for getting through the level, up to two points for rescuing each hidden creatures, up to two points for getting a lot of the hovering objects, and one more point for getting through the level in a fast time.
These points are used to unlock other characters and other levels.
The level design here is great, and the boss battle are fun – some of them have you fly on a fly (weird, but that’s Rayman for you). Those levels are the ones I had the most fun with.
But the later sections of the game get really hard – and in order to finish each section, you have to get more and more points. There are times where I had to backtrack to earlier levels in that section and gather up points I didn’t get the first time around. This can really frustrate players who just want to do a speed run to the end of the game.
Rayman Origins is one game that’s a definite rent, and fans of 2D platforming games might want to buy it.

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Very Good

rayman rocks

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) Mar 15, 2012

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I had recently played this game and was very surprised at how well the game transferred to the new consoles. I have been a fan of rayman since he first appeared on the ps1. The graphics on this game are beautiful. the worlds are exciting to play including being able to fly on a mosquito, ride on the wind, slide on water, swing and jump on food and also bounce on drums and thats just the first 3 worlds. The controls are easy to pick up either move with the nunchuk and jump and attack with the a and b buttons or turn the wii remote sideways and use the control pad to move and 1 and 2 buttons to jump and attack. the game is easy enough for young gamers and yet challenging for even vetern games. the only con i have with this game is not being close in on rayman. I would recommend this as a purchase if you like rayman games of the past or you just like to play a good platform game.

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Fun, but repetitive.

posted by 1234565 (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Aug 2, 2012

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OK, so I was just testing the waters with this game to see if I liked it to know if I should ask for Rayman Legends for the Wii U for Christmas. I don't think I will. I got through most of the game. I liked it, but it just lacked something. I mean every level was basically the same. Collect the yellow shiny things. I definately like the 3D Rayman games better.

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