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Rayman 3

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GF Rating

17 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Rayman 3

Control Pad Up = Look up, Down = Crouch, Left/Right = Move Rayman
A Button Jump, Helicopter (press once to jump then press again to fly and descend with your helicopter hair), Super-Helico (To fly in Super-Helico mode, activate the helicopter by pressing the A Button. Press the A Button again to go higher. If you want to stop flying in helicopter mode, just land on solid ground.)
B Button Shoot with Rayman's Fist (Note: The longer you hold down the B Button, the farther your fist will go!), Shoot Both Fists (To shoot with both fists, press the B Button to shoot the first fist and double-tap quickly on the B Button to shoot the second one.), Grab Purple Lums (To grab on to purple lums, shoot them with your fist. Once you've grabbed on, you can swing in the direction of your choice by using the Control Pad. To release , press the A Button.)
L Button Climb Between Walls (Press the L Button to stay still between two walls. To climb up, press the A Button to jump.)
R Button Break the Ground (You can break tge ground by pressing the R Button. But remember, you must be in the air to do so!)
Start/Pause Pause, Sleep Mode (Select this mode to reduce power consumption greatly when you are not playing. To return to the game, press SELECT + the L Button + the R Button.)