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Close but not quite...

posted by Gwyourmom (JACKSONVILLE, AL) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

19 out of 25 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Do you enjoy enjoy clunky controls? Bad graphics? Horrible voice acting? All your base are belong to us? If so, this games for YOU!

Featuring the voices of
Jean-Claude van damme
token black-guy
Steve Irwin (Crikey)
& asian girl(on a computer no less)?

...Dont get me wrong the idea is great and switching from RTS to FPS is nearly flawless. However, the game is BORING and listening to the voice actors is PAINFUL. I would compare this game to a rough draft of a book...maybe they spent to much money on the voice-actors instead of hiring an "editor." Its worth a try, if only so youll know that Im not lying.

p.s. DO NOT BUY!!!

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Raven Squad Review: 4.8

posted by 777Kilo (CLEVELAND, OH) Sep 5, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Raven Squad, a game that sounds cool and after taking a look at trailers some would say that this game would seem pretty cool. After getting it and playing it for about a day and half I must say I am very disappointed. I was expecting a lot out of this game from the being able to control my squad of troops from a command and conquer view to a fps view. I wont say this was a bad combo, it was just poorly design.
I found the controls a little thrown off because I was so use to other shooters, but this really took me though a twist. I would end up switching views when I did not want to, I would try to use my other weapons and end up reloading or sprinting towards the enemy. The training mission did not provide the time to help me understand the controls. Then when told to throw a stun grenade from C&C view this took sometime figuring out since the game flash the controls by so fast.
The voice acting is really bad. I mean worst then Resident Evil or Star Ocean: LH. It seemed like they didn’t have any cash left to get some good voice actors so they went around their building asking random co-workers to voice act. Not to be rude but your guy in the sky sounds like a Japanese guy trying to speak English ( and he is doing a very poor job at it ).
The story is something I just decide to skip out on since I really can’t stand the voices and it is hard to understand what they are trying to say most of the time.
The multi player is something hard to get into since it seems almost no one wants to play or seems to care about finishing the mission. I have yet to get a friend who was willing to rent the game and help me beat it. The multi player is only co-op story mode. Sorry if you were looking forward to versus mode or something like that.
I would not say the game is not all that bad , but they could have done a way better job. I would like to see another game like this made.
Graphics: 5/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Controls: 5/10
Story: 3/10
Online: 5/10
Overall: 4.8

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posted by Hagakurefl (SARASOTA, FL) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Dec 2004

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Why should I be sorry for renting this when its the developers should be even more sorry for putting this out. This game really does nothing well. The FPS is horrible (you cant shoot through light shrubs). The voice and cut scenes are painfull. The only thing I can say good about it is that it saves often so you can shut it off to see if it is a little better next time you try it out. Learn from my mistakes and pass on this one.

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