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Raven Squad


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Really Bad

Raven Squad

posted by failchrist (CRESCENT CITY, CA) Sep 3, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

this game falls short in every aspect. From controls to voice over. with games like C.O.D. moder warfare or Mass Effect, the bar is set pretty high, that being said this game doesnt even reach the top of the bottom. controls are set , you cant change to a configuration you like. the voice over is horrible, the asian speaking lady is so bad i cant figure out if it was done on purpose if if that was there " best take" either way its horrible. the controls in game are sluggish and loose. The A.I. of you team mates if horrible. If it wouldnt end the game you will end up just wanting to let them die. this game has an awsome idea. i like the ability to jump from rts to fps. but thats it where any good of the game stops. play only for achievements, not a buy.

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Raven Squad

posted by Filmmaker (CANONSBURG, PA) Sep 3, 2009

Member since Feb 2006

From the graphics to the game play it's completely awful. I played two missions and called it a day. The script is very weak meaning the story line. RTS - FPS mode is completely awful! The voice overs are a complete joke it's very slow driven & I found myself just taping the X button to skip it. If you rent this game you will be very upsett! I would recomend CODWAW, Rainbow Six other than this one.

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Good concept, poorly executed

posted by dan4071 (CHARLESTON, WV) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Aug 2005

I was excited to get this game after the recent drought of good summer games, but man am I disappointed. The graphics are very poor considering what the 360 is capable of. The voice acting is HORRID and some of the worst i have ever seen (or heard). The weapons have no recoil and the models are inaccurate to their real life counterparts, but this may just be due to licensing issues.

Enemies will take a rifle round to the head and not only will they still be standing, they won't even flinch or be alerted to your presence. The AI is very stupid and will repeatedly wander out of cover and into the open during firefights making you have to run out there to revive them. An ugly issues I thought was long gone in the video game industry.

I will be playing it for the rest of the night to try and get some achievements, But it's going back tomorrow. The RTS/FPS mix is a fantastic idea, but that's about all this game has going for it. Don't waste a slot on your Q.

I'd hate to have spent my money on this game. Thank God for gamefly.

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