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Rave Master: Special Attack Force


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Gameplay Controls

Rave Master: Special Attack Force

Control Pad Move Cursor to Select Menus
A Button Confirm Menu Selection. Display Next Menu.
B Button Cancel Operation. Return to Previous Screen.

Control Pad Left/Right = Move Character. Press Twice Rapidly to Run. Down = Defend Against Attack. Down Twice = Descend Down a Level. Press Twice While Being Tossed in the Air by an Attack to Take a Defensive Stance.
A Button Press While Jumping for Double Jump. A + B = Initiate Duel Attack.
B Button Initiate a Normal Attack. Control Pad + B = Initiate a Strong Attack.
L Button Use Battle Cry 1. Control Pad Down + L Button = Use Battle Cry 2.
R Button Use Critical Move 1. Control Pad Up + R = Use Critical Move 2. Control Pad Down + R = Use Critical Move 3. Press R While in Midair to Use an Aerial Critical Move.
Start/Pause Initiate a Special Move and Switch to the Special Move Mode Screen
Select Strike a Pose and Pause Battle