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Put a Mine On The Ground. Activate Your Taunter. Use Your Taunter. It will Kill The Nearest Enemy.

Using your Magnetic Wrench

Do a Comet Strike at far away Bolts. When the wrench passes near them, it will attract the Bolts. You can also accomplish this cheat with a Vacuum Gun.

The Magnet Ratchet

While using this item whenever you knock an enemy of a cliff of some sort, their bolts will return to you.

Gadgetron site Kelebo III Gold bolt

Go to the grind rail and hit all the little computer things sticking out of the poles with your Omniwrench 8000. There should be a hoop somewhere which was earlier blocked by a laser. The laser will no longer be there. Go through it and hit all the enemies with your wrench or a reliable weapon (e.g.the Gold Tesla Claw). At the end there will be a gold bolt. You will run through it, instead of starting a short mini-movie.

Get easy money

Take the metal detector and go back to previous planets and search for hidden Bolts. You will not only find more bolts, but you will find more bolts when you go again because once you leave the planet the items will return.

Untouchable Giant Clank

When on planet Quartu become giant clank and then complete the giant clank section. Once you have done this you may complete this section again for Bolts. After killing all enemies in the arena head towards the swing target that leads to the factory area and your ship. Jump or fall off this ledge and you will be respawned and no enemy may hit you with any weapon for the duration of that time as giant clank. This way gets Mucho Mucho bolts for expensive stuff/ RYNO