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Ratchet: Deadlocked


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Bonus skins

After finishing the following tasks you will unlock the corresponding skin. "The Muscle": Collect 25 Glamour Stars Avenger: By winning the Avenger Tournament Crusader: By winning the Crusader Tournament Kid Nova: Collect 45 Glamour Stars King Claude: Collect 30 Glamour Stars LandShark: Collect 35 Glamour Stars Liberator: By winning the Liberator Tournament Squidzor: Collect 40 Glamour Stars Starshield: Collect 60 Glamour Stars Venus: Collect 75 Glamour Stars Vernon: Collect 30 Glamour Stars Vindicator: By winning the Vindicator Tournament W3RM: Collect 55 Glamour Stars

Ninja Ratchet

Collect all Exterminator cards.

Exterminator's cards

Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding card. Shellshock: Get all weapons and Omega mods. Eviserator: Get over 100 Max Nanotech. Ace Hardlight: Get 4,000,000 Dread points. Reactor: Buy all the Mega weapon versions, including the Harbringer. Vox: Get all skill points. Vox's pet: Complete all missions under the highest difficulty setting.

Exterminator mode

Finish the game.

Skill Point bonuses

By collecting the indicated number of skill points you will unlock the corresponding bonus. Color Blind: 120 Skill Points Exterminator Bot Heads: 20 skill points Gangsta Guns: 10 skill points HUD Color: 5 skill points Kill Quark!: 105 skill points Mirrored World: 15 Skill Points Remove Helmet: 15 skill points Super Bloom: 25 skill points Super Morphing Freeze Wrench: 35 skill points Weather: 60 skill points