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posted by Dreiling6764 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 19, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I have loved R&C games since the first one and was glad this went back to the original style of gameplay, but a few flaws remained. The story was around 4 hours long and it took me 3 playthroughs to get the platinum trophy, so it was a rather short game. It seems like the designers got a little lazy as well, especially with the upgraded weapons which they just colored gold instead of putting thought into what each one would look like. All told it was a decent, serviceable game that I enjoyed but wished they spent a bit more time on.

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great game

posted by gespada (PLENTYWOOD, MT) Nov 17, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

if you love R&C games u will love it it may be short but still fun at least it wont be the last. and i know after the 1st playthrough you can skip the credits but u have to press start to freeze the credits then push O ill be playing it till the next one comes hope its full length next time.

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good but...

posted by jaketra (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 16, 2013

Member since May 2013

when i started playing this game i was hoping for something more better. more action, more shooting, more whatever. what i got was only half of it. let me start with the bad things about this game. first of all the game can literally take you only 4 hours to complete the game, if you not wondering around looking for the RYNO 7, second since their is so much action going on its hard for the timing of the audio to keep up with the game. another thing is the story line it barley makes any sense. another one would when you have to be clank and you have to go into this drift and you need to figure which is completely complicated and it can become very frustrating. but this one annoyed the -- out of me. so when your fighting the very last boss of the game, during the middle of the fight you play as clank and you need to go into the drift and find the evil villian who you were suppose to kill earlier in the game. that annoyed the -- out of me and last this really annoyed me you cannot skip the credits seriously i don't care about the people who created the game all i wont to know is their an epilogue at the end of the credits . OK enough of that let me talk about the good stuff about this game. first the graphics are good not great but good. second the cool thing about this game is that your in space and its a little like the movies gravity and enders game you know where there in the zero gravity and they have to use magnetic boots to walk on walls. the weapons are good but their are not that many weapons in the game that can be a problem. but still its a good game to play it may be short but its good enough for me to beat three times in a single day if i have nothing to do. but it is kind of better than tools of destruction though. but do not go out and waist your money trust me renting it is good enough.

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