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worst in the series. don't rent.

posted by nonames (EAST ELMHURST, NY) Jul 27, 2013

Member since Oct 2004

insomniac really dropped the ball on this one, the enemies hit like trucks, the weapons are unimaginative and feel recycled from older ones, the weapons also feel like pea-shooters, and the armor is useless. i'm up to the aegis armor (2nd best armor in the game) and i can still be 4 shot by enemies on level about those weapons, there is a boss which you have to fight while he is upside down, i unloaded every bullet, blade, and bomb, i had into this thing (all fully upgraded) and barely made a mark on him, if you are considering getting this atrocity, this sham of a ratchet and clank game do yourself a favor and instead buy ratchet deadlocked on the ps3 store. at-least ratchet deadlocked has replay value. deadlocked has less weapons (only 10 which can be upgraded to lvl 10 in normal mode then 99 after you buy the mega versions) but those weapons are much more fun to use, and those weapons make you feel like a boss, not a child with a fancy slingshot.

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this game has pros and cons

posted by jaketra (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jul 3, 2013

Member since May 2013

so when i first played this game i was super excited. But as the i continued with the game i became more and more frustrated on defeating my enemies. As you go on through out the game the enemies become more and more harder to kill. Plus their are more bosses than any other ratchet and clank game ive ever played, theirs a boss every 2 to 3 planets. The worst part was was going up against the really annoying pirate leader. i died so many times and i was so close to beating him. That i literally wanted to go into the game myself and kill him because he was so annoying, plus that pirate leader is ugly and fat too. Plus those pirates that you fight are super annoying. I hate them. Plus the weapons in the game are really, really, really, horrible the weapons are not very effective in the game. Their is some good things about this game though. The story line is really, really, really, good. The space fights are cool but can very frustrating at times. And the new fighter you get in the game is almost like an x-wing fighter in star wars. This is also cool you get to hear enemy communications when you fight the empires enemies. And the graphics have really improved in this game. overall this game has pros and cons to it.

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Great... But a little short.

posted by SuicideSam (FLATGAP, KY) May 16, 2013

Member since May 2013

It is an awesome game, got it and finished in about six or seven hours. It has an amazing story line like the last few have, cool guns as always, and just the shear absurdity of Captain Quark is enough to carry any low spots you might find.
The only bad thing i can say is that it is a really short game.

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