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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time


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GF Rating

Very Good

Very solid and a bread from the bleak

posted by reganj (LANSING, NY) Nov 15, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

I thought the previous ps3 ratchet was good but this one is better. Gameplay feels tighter and the story plays out with a bit more structure. The clank sections are amazing. In "Tools of Destruction", the clank segments were pretty bad but Insomniac have improved on this in every way. Flying your space ship is actually fun this time.

-Great graphics (somehow I felt they were not as good at tools of destruction but still very good)
-Space ship segments are improved with an addictive quest system
-Clank segments are fun and challenging.

-Ratchet segments got a little stale after a while
-Camera can be a bit bad at times

This is a game every ps3 owner should play. Lack of dlc and lack of multiplayer makes this a game I would not recommend buying if your into longevity.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The best and last?, Dynamic Duo.

posted by Nomadi (SUNDERLAND, MA) Nov 11, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Hard Mode-46" Philips-defaulted on 720p-HDMI-Senn wireless earmuffs.

!: Colorful and vibrant. Terrible on-rail from the 2nd iteration is gone and more or less open. Excellent story and a proper wrap-up? of the franchise with tight scripts and believable sequencing. Voice over is on spot. Control has no hiccup, weapons are fun. A page out of Kingdom Heart's Coliseum challenge with rewards that are worth the investment. Mr. Qwerk.

?:Framerate chugs on the said colorful and vibrant setting with particle fkcufest or with increased LOD. Weapons are fun but very limited with rehashes. A bit repetitive at times, just small pockets. A very questionable design when talking to npcs where if you skip the conversation, it resets even after accepting a quest. It feels a bit linear just because you repeat the variety of missions.

~:A must play for the fans. Especially recommended for the N64 crowd that enjoyed the vast platformers. Memorable characters and the pacing does help the somewhat monotony. One of the best platform amongst the crowded season.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Mr. Zurkon does NOT come in peace!

posted by joker13 (FENTON, MI) Nov 11, 2009

Member since May 2006

This game lives up to most of the standards set by past R&C games with a few exceptions, The game was way too short, And for a game that insomniac claimed would be the biggest ratchet and clank game ever, It felt like it was lacking enough weapons.
These two complaints aside (big enough complaints to take the game from a 10 to an 8 IMHO), The game is a blast. They don't really break from the established formula, but hey if its not broke....
The controls were as tight as ever, the platforming elements were great and while some of the plot twist were fairly predictable I was suprised to see Captain Quark getting his hands (just a little mind you) dirty in a fight for once.
This game makes a great rental do to it's short play time (even if you collect everything) and the fact that the whole family can enjoy it.
My wife rarely can handle any thing with "that tricky strafing thing"
but she enjoyed it, My six year old played it like a champ, And even my three year old could kind of handle the game play with out too much frustration.
The crowning jewel of the game, In my opinion was Mr. Zurkon's one liners. Not a day has passed since the game arrived without me hearing at least one family member quote Mr. Z, And I don't know if I'll ever tire of my little guy telling me "Mr. Zurkon does NOT come in peace!"

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