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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time


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Great platformer!

posted by twokitties (WILMINGTON, NC) Dec 17, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

Ratchet & Clank Future is a great game that has a lot of quirky characters and a really cute almost Saturday morning cartoon vibe to it.
I wouldn't buy Ratchet & Clank Future unless I had children but this title serves very well as a stress reliever.

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posted by generalhbk (EVANS, CO) Nov 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Definitly in top 10 of the playstation 3 games maybe even every game there is. But just a tip do not buy the first armor(green one), because it does not lower amount of damage taken it just gives you a new look, the 2nd armor is the one you should buy first (red) then after that one buy the last one (silver/red).

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Its like Starfox meets Simpsons for a sweet game!

posted by kshelton (ESCANABA, MI) Nov 24, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

This is the first Ratchet and Clank game I've ever played. I've owned a Playstation for the past decade but never bothered with this franchise, but now that I've got gamefly, I figured I'd give it a shot, and man do I regret not checking this franchise out sooner.

This game is crazy fun. The weapons are the most unique I've ever seen in a game. Show me another game that gives you an alien looking gun that fires a belch that doubles as its mating call.

and the hover boots? (once you get them) all I can say is wow. It is ridiculous fun to go flying around on jet boots up ramps and bouncing off walls.

Where do I get Starfox? Well inbetween each stage you get to fly from planet to planet in your ship. Each planet has an objective where you need to find things to upgrade your weapons and ship (this is optional but why pass it up?)

The lightheartedness and sometimes sarcastic humor of the game makes it that much more enjoyable. Ratchet has this buffoon sidekick with him who makes stupid comments from time to time, reminds of Chief Wiggum or Troy McClure in the Simpsons.

The Clank levels are more puzzle based and I don't find them quite as fun as Ratchet's, but the puzzles are unique. They deal with making multiple copies of yourself to handle 2 or 3 tasks at once. So it was nice to see something fresh.

Graphically, the game is pretty nice to look out. Nothing super groundbreaking but very fluid and shiny.

The gameflow is amazing. I can zoom into battle on my hoverboots, whip out my guns and take on an army of aliens with absolutely no slowdown and it feels totally natural. Other games should take note.

I'm only, I would guess, about one third through the game, but I'm sold. Ratchet and Clank is fun as can be, and I can't wait to try the other games in the franchise.

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