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Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easter Egg

When you go to the Insomniac Museum it will say you are on a planet called Burbank. But if you save and quit the game there and you load it back up it will say you're on planet Dantopia. Not much of a cheat just thought was cool.

Insomniac Museum

Go to planet boldan where the grind rails are. Go until you have jumped 7 times. Then go to the far left. Jump off. Follow the path to the right. You will see a building with a blue circle near the top. walk to the back. You will hear guys shooting. Keep jumping till your inside. kill the guys. Then use the teleporter that says insomniac museum.

The easy route to insomniac museum

In silver city on boldan go to the pipes where you shred and get to the end. Only this time before entering the construction site on purpose hit the electric winch and heli glide over to the other side. Find the bridge to the garage. Go to the left and you should fall through the floor. Go in and then jump up the grey square. You should arrive in the garage. Have the bouncer equipped at full ammo or have the shield charger. Equip it and go to the teleport pad that reads \"Insomniac museum\" and press triangle to go to the hidden planet burbank.

Easy Bolts

This is a very easy way to get alot of bolts really fast. All you need is the nuke for your ship. Go to the Thugs-4-less fleet level and enter challenge 2. Immediately after starting turn to the mountain to your right and fire the nuke. 90% of the time all 32 enemies will be instantly destroyed with the other 10% being that only 1 is left.;

One hit bigger wrench (as in only works for one attack)

If you go to a weapon vender and throw your wrench in the opposite direction then access the weapons vender then exit your wrench will be a LOT bigger.

Skill point- Prehistoric rampage

On planet oozla shoot 5 pterodactals to get this skill point.

Start with more weapons

Insert a memory card with a save file from the original Ratchet And Clank with the game completed.

Getting Skill Points

When in the Megolopolis in the lava place with the crane pick up the laser dude and bring him to the spinning things and laser them and you will get a skill point.

Snow skin

Play the Impossible Challenge in the Megacorp Games Arena and win all 60 levels.

Super Slam

When using your omni wrench 8000 to attack rotate the left or right analog stick and up to do a spinning uppercut and press square while doing this to do a spinning uppercut to super slam!