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posted by vaughan08 (AUGUSTA, GA) Nov 4, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

my child had more trouble playing this game then Indiana jones lego version, halo games, ninga gaiden and so on ... it was to hard and complicated. sure my child is onyl 4 and a half years old.. but if he can figure out the said games above then he should be able to figure out this KID game. even my husband was playing this for him and he was getting ANGRY at how hard it was.. he thought he could just go through and beat it in a day or 2 but it took him 2 weeks! HE WAS MAD!! i dont suggest this for any one at all!

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Good Graphics, Horrible Play Control

posted by Soulfish (CARBONDALE, CO) Oct 12, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

There aren't a lot of great or memorable movie to game translations out there. This one is no exception. I do have to say the look of the game is great. The bright graphics and authentic voice acting really brings out the cartoon characters of the movie.

Two things about this game really knocked it down. For one, a lot of the mission objectives are too convoluted and leave you wondering where to go next to complete a mission. They added a "help" skill in the way of Remy's powers of smell. When you hit the proper button, an aroma like animation is supposed to tell you where to go next. Interestingly enough, the designers failed to include it in missions where you would need it the most, like trying to find your brother or dad to complete an objective.

The second let down which I consider one of the most important signs of a good game was the utterly horrible play control. You can make a game challenging in a lot of ways, but when your character slides around like he's skating on ice, like in the majority of the mini games you have to endure, it just makes a game unplayable. I also had to switch off the sixaxis option while walking on ropes or other obstacles that required a sense of balance because it's too nonreactive. Think of it as an old car with a steering column problem....if your car is still turning left when you have the wheel cranked all the way to the right, it's not a very desirable car to have, and that's where this game crashes and burns. Don't even think about wasting your time with this one.

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Perhaps Even Difficult for Kids

posted by TinPigeon (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Aug 29, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

Amusing for a little while, but some of the puzzles were a little more difficult than some kids might be able to handle.

The highlighting on interactive objects was slim and dim and often difficult to identify them, again, making puzzle solving unnecessarily difficult at times.

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