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Nothing Like the Wii Version...Unfortunately

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Dec 28, 2008

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I picked this one up thinking that my son would enjoy this more on the Xbox than the Wii. Big mistake as it's a totally different game, and not in a good way. No logical flow of missions and incredibly difficult for a kid. Lame.

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1000 pt game

posted by owtkast (HYATTSVILLE, MD) Dec 8, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

It took a combined 9 hrs spread out over 2 days but it is achieveable. So if ur an achievement monger (and you know where to get good info on games) this is an easy 1000

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Did the developers even watch the movie?

posted by Warchild13 (NEWBURGH, NY) Oct 21, 2008

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This game is bad, really bad. It starts out ok, and the voice acting is spot on, but it looses its charm with the first "Boss Fight." The game is not for kids, heck, it's not really for grownups either. I rented this with hopes of sharing it with my 2 year old who loves the movie. Now, I had no delusions of him being able to play, but how surprised I was when I couldn't.

It's not hard in the Ninja Gaiden way, but more of the frustrating, try-and-error, whoops, you have to start the level all over, kind of way. This type of frustrating game play was supposed to have gone away back in the 80's.

I don't know if the game ever really improved after the second map as I just couldn't stomache anymore. Also perplexing is the choice of enemies and hazards...stink bugs and cats weren't even in the movie, and feel out of place. I can't even recomend this game for the achievements as I only ended up with 30.

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