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A Great Fishing Game but Not Without its Hooks

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Oct 12, 2009

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We Fish oozes as much cutesy charm as a bass does stink. Flying lures drift through the sky, rubber ducks are as big as speed boats, and everyone in the world is exciting about the new sport, speed fishing. Heck, the fish are even happy to meet you once you reel them into the boat. It's pretty crazy to think, but this childish take on a game is actually fun.

We Fish is more of an arcade game than an actual fishing simulator. You pilot your boat to certain hot spots in the map, toss a lure into them, and wait for a fish to come. It actually takes a lot of the guessing out that's usually standard fare. You can only catch one fish at a time and must bring it back to the starting area for it to count towards your total.

The game is more about speed than anything. You have to know where to go and what lure to use, which are all clearly shown at the beginning of each round. By catching certain fish types, you'll gain bonuses that help you win the match faster.

The controls all work well, for the most part. Casting is still trickier than you'd think and it occasionally doesn't register a movement or two, but reeling and fighting the fish are fun. Given Rapala's track record, this is a definite improvement.

It was upsetting, however, that I couldn't change the four lures I was equipped with. I played the entire single player campaign and could not figure out how to do so. You'll unlock lures throughout, which all have a rarity level and ability level. However, you can't swap out any of them. Why would one want to keep fishing with the first lure you got out the gate when you just found one that's three times better?

All in all, I had a great time with the game, so much so that I'd prefer this over any other fishing game on the Wii thus far. The controls work well, there's over 50 types of fish, and there are a bunch of lures too. There are special vehicles to unlock, Mii support, and four player matches. The game is safe and playable for the whole family.


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