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Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010


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if u like free roam and old style type fidhing

posted by ips3er (PERRY, FL) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

youll enjoy this game,its a fun game and the bass and everything are huge and tuff,i enjoyed this game,in the tourney mode youll have a bout 15 min to max out but but you can catch a ton of what u need easy ,ull catch whoopers out of the yin yang,i only give this a 9 bc its easy to win the tourney(bc im good apperently)and if u fail at a rd u can dont have to fish in the fishing holes really til the last tourney bc of the time limit,i won most and caught the biggest wrr the fish is by theirself,i also caught biggins in schools of fish,the graphics are great,only thing sucked about it was there is no online mode(atleast 2 player online be nice)but it does have 2 player coop for at home play vs or together,lure selection,pole and reel selection are good,mix and match for the best piossible outcome for fish and you can ctch anything with any lure just about,i ind that fast cranking was the overall best type of kure action

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Another Horrible Fishing Game!!

posted by sturgill90 (PENNINGTON GAP, VA) Dec 26, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

4 out of 10 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

What has happened to fishing games??? This game is called Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, which would lead you to believe the game is going to be centered around bass fishing, right? Wrong, it is you in a boat, with horrible controls catching random fish, nothing having to do with bass fishing. Get this, to cast with the controller, you have to hold down R2 and pull back L stick and swing and release at the perfect time. What??? Stupid!! I haven't played a good fishing game since Super Nintendo and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. What makes it worse is that I have been trying to get this game in through Gamefly since it came out and being unsuccessful, I went out and bought this thing today and now I am stuck with it!!

My only hope is that the Kevin Van Dam fishing game that is supposed to be released sometime soon will redeem fishing video games. Surely if he put his input in this game, he won't let them screw it up this badly. If anyone is listening, when you make a bass fishing game, number 1, make the game about catching bass. Number 2, tournament mode shouldn't be trying to complete ridiculous challenges in ridiculous time frames, they should be a real bass tournament with fishermen trying to catch the most weight in BASS!! Finally, make it old school, allow the player to win money in these tournaments that they can use to upgrade equipment as the play goes on. If you need help, go and find a Nintendo or Super Nintendo and play Black Bass, please!!!!

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Didn't like it.

posted by Caerus (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

Played this game for all of 30 min. couldn't take anymore. Graphics are good, sound is good. As for game play I found it overly complex. You start with limited tackle (even in free mode) you must reel in your lure while pushing in verious directions on the left stick, if you goof a few times your cast is done. (You have to reel it in, but no fish will come after it.) All fish semed to come in and strike from off camera. I think the ones you can see are eye candy, they just moved outta the way when my lure was about to hit them. Only to have a fish of the same species swim in from off camera 2 seconds later. I like the ocassional fishing game to relax, but I found this to be a bad atempt to cross a action game and fishing game that will satisfy neither.

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