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Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010


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GF Rating


Looks good - Really easy

posted by markopolo (NORTHRIDGE, CA) Jun 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2007

Fishing = patience

This game rewards your A.D.D.

Fishing is partly about finding "that spot." Exploring the waters for what you think will get you bites.

Not only does the game tell you exactly where to find fish... it tells you in 3 different ways! You got the normal jumping fish... but on top of that they give you a radar and a hot air balloon just in case you're too far away to see the other blatant cues.

Graphics are good.

Gameplay is no fun. The screen says pull left/right, otherwise keep reeling.

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GF Rating


good for a fishing game

posted by forfor44 (AMARILLO, TX) Jun 1, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

my 7 rating takes into account this is a fishing game, i mean really, how good could it be? if you have really been craving to go fishing but dont have the means or are just too lazy this will satisfy your urge for a little bit (although it is no where close to the feel you get when fishing in real life).

on to the game. This is probably the easiest game i have ever played. its not uncommon to WIN an entire tournament of your FIRST cast. yes, you heard that right. Not to mention if you dont its okay because unless you have never held a game controller before you will catch a fish on every single cast no matter what if you are using the correct lure and in a "fishing spot" that is located on the map. Fishing spots on the map is probably what make this game way too easy, but hey, if they took it off it would be almost as hard as the real thing lol.

i do like that they put fishing spots in logical locations(around cover), and give you some options with lures(although the lures you start out with seem to be the best anyway). there is a little bit of character customization but not much, especially if you havent unlocked all the clothes and such from the mini quests in free fishing mode. i'm not an expert or even close when its comes to americas fishing lakes but it seems that they have alot of each lake off limits.

unless you like fishing, and need to satisfy the urge in the cold winter months, you probably wont get a whole lot out of this game. and if you REALLY love fishing this game might just leave you feeling lacking with how ridiculously easy it is to catch a monster fish and get 1st in every single tourny in less than 60 seconds.

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GF Rating


Spoiler: This game sucks

posted by ShaneFroggy (LEBANON, PA) May 1, 2011

Member since May 2011

This game has one or two plus to it and that is the stupidly easy achievements, (I got 500+ gamerscore in an hour) and that you can play it on PS3 Move (I rented it for ps3 and then lost my wand). But this is when any sort of positive remark ends.
I rented it for 360 and I instantly hated it. First of all when you make your character you can pick 2 hats 4 shirts and 3 pants. Thats it. Also, the moment I started free fishing I hated how the controls were completely mundane. "You cast by holding down RT and flicking RS forward. You reel the fish in (Which you have an 85% chance of catching a record breaker) by holding in RT and moving RS." There is NOTHING that slightly phases me about retrieving the lure. You, hold in RS (Repetitive, huh?) and follow the coach which shows you which direction to move the RS. (Hopefully your getting that you use like 5 buttons total in the entire game) And then this annoying pep music comes on and two voices say stuff like (Bullseeeyyyyeeeeeeee) and oh, look at that you caught a 280 lb monster fish. I dont even think the people who made this game knew how to fish. The gameplay is just so distracting from the actual object of the game, the graphics, unlike what the others say, are horrid. The fish act NOTING like what they really do. Fish are extremely cautious about anything they do, and in this game, 3 seconds after you make a perfect cast (which if you don't get you probably have no hands, and if you miss it you can press B and start over less than a second later) a fish pops out of nowhere and grabs on. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if shamu popped up and bit it. Its just so simple. I hate the fact that you cant even use a simple worm and floater. To make it simple, don't get this game. Actually, get the game so you know how horrible it is.

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