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Rapala Fishing Frenzy


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Also on:Xbox 360, PS2, PS3
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Very Good

Fishing Games

posted by Knuckl3Z (TOLEDO, OH) Sep 21, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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Of the 3(hooked, sega bass, rapala) I have played this one seemed to offer the best graphics, and stayed interesting. You don't have to wait to long for a hit on the fishing line, and there are interesting combos to build points and speed along game play. I would liken it to Sega Bass Fishing, only more fleshed out, better graphics, more options for lures, nice environments. The worst thing in the game is driving the boat... It truly makes me want to tear out my hair. Load time is also slightly annoying. Overall the game has been a fun experience.

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awsome graphics O.K. game

posted by deathgamer (OSAWATOMIE, KS) Apr 19, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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see, when i fist saw the cover of the box i thought well it would be like a baby game for little kids now i see that its got good graphics and the game is ok it exactly what i didnt want though it is like that fishing master ive seen, the vids and when a fish moves away you like jerk your remote and steady the fish (wich suckkkkksssss) but i did like the way you drive the boat with your remote, what really got me though was when i got a new lake it didnt give you the whole thing it gave you a section of the lake (your missing out on some great fishing in the ozarks) see thsts what i live for fishing and gaming
so i know that when they get a good fishing game ill buy it and if ur a fishing/gaming fanatic ull buy it too thanks for listening.

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"Rapala": great looks, bad controls, presentation

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 9, 2008

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Member since Jan 2008

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The premise for Rapala Fishing Frenzy is simple: go fish (no, not the card game).
In Tournament Mode, one player has to meet objectives (get a certain weight of fish, length of fish, number of fish, points while catching fish and/or get a certain type of fish).
There's also Quick Challenge, which is a simplified version of Tournament Mode, and an Open Fishing mode where players just fish any way they like it.
To fish, you find the hot spots on the map, drive your boat by tilting the Wiimote to steer, Z button to accelerate and C button to brake/reverse.
Once on the spot you want, you select your bait, then start fishing.
Casting the line is a simple wave of the Wiimote, then you wait for a prompt to rotate the thumbstick.
Do that right, and you get a prompt to attract fish by pressing A and jerking the Wiimote down twice. Now the hard part begins.
A bar appears at the bottom of the screen and it lights up from the center outwards. By pointing the Wiimote in the opposite direction of where the lights go, you can try to keep the bar unlit, and the fish won't break the line.
Along the way, several prompts will appear asking you to hold the A button and wave the Wiimote about in various ways. These will get you points.
Do all this correctly, and you will get your fish; if it's big enough, you can keep it. Otherwise, you have to throw it back.
This graphics here are great; this game has some of the best looking fish I've ever seen.
But it has problems. First, the controls are clunky; many times the game didn't recognize the movement of the Wiimote or the Nunchuck.
Also, luck is too much of a factor. To score points, you have to be lucky. To get the right sized fish, you have to be lucky. To pass a level, you have to be lucky. If you're not, too bad, you fail and have to try again.
Presentation is lacking, too. When you pass a level, you just go on to the next challenge.
Rapala Fishing Frenzy takes fishing and turns it into a chore. Skip it.

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