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Not quite sheriff material

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 3, 2011

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This isn’t as bad as many other movie tie in games I’ve played - not by a long shot.
Rango takes the fire and cover play of Transformers: Cybertron Adventures (or Time Crisis) and adds to it a 3D platformer.
Through nine levels, you play as the lizard turned sheriff, Rango, and his quest to get to the bottom of a bunch of strange rocks that fell from the sky.
Each level has you going from point A to point B, jumping over gaps, shimmering along tight ledges, and every now and then, engaging the bad guys in the Time Crisis style shootout.
In a shootout, you start off with the pistol; but you can temporarily get a machine gun, shotgun, or a rocket launcher, which adds some variety to the combat.
Along the way, you collect badges that are scatted about the levels - and get more badges by punching crates and non explosive barrels, shooting bad guys, or shooting every type of crate or barrel.
Fans of the duck and cover type of gun fight will like this game a lot, but I could’ve done with two player co op and better level design - I felt like I was wandering about each level, completely lost until I got to the end of that level.
But what really sets Rango, the videogame back is the replay value (or lack thereof). There’s no use for those badges you collect (would’ve liked to buy upgrades for my guns or a bigger life bar), and after I completed the game the first time (a three to three and one half hour trek that’s too short in my opinion), there’s very little reason to give the game another go.
Rango, the video game, has some fun in it, but it lacks in creativity and content. It’s only for those of us who want a simple shooter/platforming game. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Short and entertaining

posted by Critical99 (MADISON, WI) Dec 23, 2012

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Rango the game (Wii) carries over the humor from the movie very well.

Though it may annoy some that they do that with extensive video cuts, the visuals and audio are still great! Just watch Rango's eyebrow twitch :)

The game is relatively short - I played through in a few hours.

You always play as Rango, and the play is about half movement (walk, run, jump, crawl, etc.) and half shooting - there is more shooting later in the game. It was enough that being out of practice my shooting hand cramped up fairly severely from wear. I should have tried a wii-gun accessory. Except 'A' is how you reload...

It is ALMOST always easy to know what to do next. There are few times when you can do anything except move forward. The short play time and this fact make it the perfect game for Gamefly renting!

I never got less than a perfect score on each level, so I don't know what you have to do to not do that. I know I didn't get all the sheriff stars on every level, so I think it is judged some other way.

There are no obvious saves - at the end of levels you can replay or continue. But if you die, you restart fairly recently. The only difference is the last boss battle.
Which is why I didn't finish the game - the last boss battle is more extensive than anything else, and they always make you start over. I gave it a few tries but decided it wasn't worth it.

I liked a lot of things about this game - though one thing in particular - the lack of difference between you running around and being in the shooting mode (which is automatic when to get to the right locations) is nil. Problem is that the shooting phase ends as soon as you've killed the last bad guy - which usually means you can't pick up any health as there is a pause after shooting and before you can move again. So: too smooth.

Oh: and reloading your gun takes FOREVER. It only automatically reloaded... 3 times my whole game, and usually sticks when trying to reload. Annoying.

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theres a new sheriff in town

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) Jul 5, 2012

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I had recently played this game and thought it was a good game. The graphics are good and the story is even better. I did not see the movie prior to playing this game but want to after playing it. The controls are easy to use move with the nunchuk and shoot with the b button and wii remote. The downfall to this game is the levels are too short and there is not enough of them. I especially like the level where you play inside the old arcade machine and ride the back of a gold fish. If you are a fan of action games and funny story lines then I would recommend renting this game. It once again proves that ea can make good games other then there sports games.

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