Rent Rampage: Total Destruction for PS2
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Rampage: Total Destruction


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Also on:GC, Wii
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Unlock the other 29 monsters.


Finish the game with the "All Challenges Met" award for all cities.


Finish the game with the "Par Scores Met" award for all cities.

Other hidden monsters

The following monsters are hidden in a block in a city. Use the indicated monster to destroy blocks in the city until the bonus monster is unlocked. Leon: Vegas, play as any starting monster. Kingston: Vegas, play as Lizzie. Jack: Vegas, play as Harry. Marco: San Francisco, play as Ralph. Shelby: San Francisco, play as Lizzie. Natalie: San Francisco, play as Marco. Kyle: London, play as Kingston. Icky: London, play as Ralph. Edwin: London, play as Wally. Cal: Los Angeles, play as Kyle. Amanda: Los Angeles, play as Kyle. Bart: Los Angeles, play as Kingston Rojo: Chicago, play as Kyle. Harry: Chicago, play as Marco. Nick: Chicago, play as Harry. Croc: Hong Kong, play as Rojo. Venus: Hong Kong, play as Croc. Jill: Hong Kong, play as Amanda. Wally: New York, play as Marco. Rocky: New York, play as Cal. Joe: New York, play as Natalie.

Automatic monster unlocking

Allow the game to begin demo mode and have it auto-play. Any monsters unlocked by the CPU during demo mode will remain unlocked for your game.