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Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

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Play with a friend

posted by MrChaos (SUMNER, WA) Dec 27, 2006

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You will have loads of fun and you wont die as much because the A.I in your team mates suck. That was the only downfall I saw in this game.

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Above Average

If you liked Rainbow Six 3, this is the same

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Aug 20, 2009

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Although you might notice the stray advancement in technology and streamlining, Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow is essentially the same as it's predecessor Rainbow Six 3. Oh sure, the levels are different. So is the story. But the game itself feels sadly familiar.
Not that the model is all that bad, Rainbow Six 3 was a fine tactical squad-based shooter. It gave you plenty of options, some stellar shootouts and enough variety to keep things from getting stale. Black Arrow is no different, which is good... and bad. It's the double-edged sword of gaming: you find a formula that works and you feel inclined to stick with it because there's no need to rock the boat when your audience is happy. However, if you don't change things with each installment, no one sees the point in playing the subsequent games since they have the original already. It's a tough position for game developers who want something fresh and something that sells. But I digress...
Because it's very much the same as RS3, Black Arrow also suffers from the same problems. Enemies are hard to locate and track, there are plenty of hostages that need to be rescued and some of the guns are simply way better than others. Your team members die easily and the places you wish them to go are often not the places they end up. There are better shooters, stealth-action and tactical games out there, even if this one does all of that simultaneously.
Black Arrow isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. There's just nothing new here. It's too much like the original, and if you played that, there's little reason to play this. End of debriefing.

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Great Game

posted by keithjmc (LYNDHURST, NJ) Oct 19, 2006

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It's a little old and outdated but still a great game. Multilayer is the best part. A squad based FSP, what's not to like? Hook it up on Xbox Live or System link and team up with some friends. Make sure you team up with people who communicate, it is the key to victory.

Graphics aren't all that impressive but the game play makes up for it so if you are looking for a good FPS add this to your Q.

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